HD Camera – Camera application. Quality and high resolution makes taking pictures.

HD Camera

Camera application. Quality and high resolution makes taking pictures.

HD Camera screenshot 0HD Camera screenshot 1HD Camera screenshot 2HD Camera screenshot 3HD Camera screenshot 4HD Camera screenshot 5HD Camera screenshot 6

Take a photo of the happy moments with your camera application. Take pictures easier than ever. Stylish and designed in a quality manner. Does not include unnecessary functions. Plain and will win hearts with a nice view. Photos, human life is very effective. We always want to take better photos. This app is for you. You can take high-quality photos, HD camera. Professional make-ups. You can take pictures with your friends thanks to the self timer feature. Interface is produced great. Anyone can use this camera. HD cameras are free. Is an ideal program for those who love photography. Take a picture of the beautiful, amazing for those who take the hobby. Self-camera feature is available. Features in the Camera menu for you. Camera program is fast and simple. Camera for Android.


– Pass between the front and rear camera.
– White Balance (Cloudy, sunlight, etc.).
– Photo Effects
– Brightness and color settings
– Volume keys adjustment feature
– Scene modes
– Zoom feature
– Makes professional photo shoot.
– Optical convergence.
– Photo size adjustment feature.
– Full size image.
– Countdown timer
– Exposure settings.
– Location targeting.
– Selfie mode.
– Display mode settings (night, sunset, etc.).
– Flash feature
– Shooting mode.
– Focus mode (macro, automatic, etc.).

This application is free makes great shots.


Codes used licensed under the Apache License.

Apache License: apache.org/licenses/lıcense-2.0.html

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/fnceL8


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