CloseUp Latest Version APK for Android

CloseUp download
CloseUp download

Every two weeks, engaging and interesting information on photography. CloseUp is offered by CloseUp. Last Updated: September 30, 2014. Current Version: 2.4

CloseUp Magazine is every two weeks packed with exciting and interesting information on everything to do with photography.
Of course, we present the latest product news, but we also inspire you with great articles and interviews you have to go to work. Itself The operation and technology of the camera is explained and we regularly test the latest models and software.


CloseUp 2017

CloseUp APK

Download CloseUp

Download CloseUp APK

CloseUp for Android

Download CloseUp for Android

Download CloseUp APK for Android

CloseUp 2.4 screenshot

CloseUp screenshot 0CloseUp screenshot 1CloseUp screenshot 2CloseUp screenshot 3CloseUp screenshot 4CloseUp screenshot 5

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いたずらカメラ Latest Version APK for Android

いたずらカメラ download
いたずらカメラ download

ありそうでなかったいたずらカメラアプリが満を持して登場!!撮った写真にいろんなフレームやスタンプを付けて楽しくいたずらしちゃおうっていう、カメラアプリです。. いたずらカメラ is offered by 株式会社アンドエー. Last Updated: September 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.1


Latest Updates



いたずらカメラ 2017

いたずらカメラ APK

Download いたずらカメラ

Download いたずらカメラ APK

いたずらカメラ for Android

Download いたずらカメラ for Android

Download いたずらカメラ APK for Android

いたずらカメラ 1.1 screenshot

いたずらカメラ screenshot 0いたずらカメラ screenshot 1いたずらカメラ screenshot 2いたずらカメラ screenshot 3いたずらカメラ screenshot 4いたずらカメラ screenshot 5

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Star Trail Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

Star Trail Calculator download
Star Trail Calculator download

The free version of a calculator to avoid or gain star trails. Star Trail Calculator is offered by The Way Of Coding. Last Updated: September 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.1

Are you interested in having a helping hand when doing astrophotography with a stationary tripod and DSLR camera? This application can help you calculate estimated maximum exposure times to avoid star trails without the need for a tracking mount. It also has a calculator that you can use for creating star trail photographs by giving you an estimation of how long the trails will be in pixels given inputs about your camera, lens, and exposure time. The three calculators range from a simple two input calculator to one for advanced astrophotography camera users. Also included are some tips and help screens to improve your understanding of the process and to describe each required input for the calculators. It’s simple, yet does exactly what you need. Here is to amazing astro-photos on a budget!

Now with GPS based declination calculation!

Latest Updates

Version 1.1: Now has same features as paid app such as GPS and advanced calculators. Enabled install to SD card feature.


Star Trail Calculator 2017

Star Trail Calculator APK

Download Star Trail Calculator

Download Star Trail Calculator APK

Star Trail Calculator for Android

Download Star Trail Calculator for Android

Download Star Trail Calculator APK for Android

Star Trail Calculator 1.1 screenshot

Star Trail Calculator screenshot 0Star Trail Calculator screenshot 1Star Trail Calculator screenshot 2Star Trail Calculator screenshot 3Star Trail Calculator screenshot 4Star Trail Calculator screenshot 5Star Trail Calculator screenshot 6Star Trail Calculator screenshot 7Star Trail Calculator screenshot 8

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Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art Latest Version APK for Android

Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art apk
Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art apk

Powerful photo collage for you to create amazing collages with common photos. Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art is offered by Picture Effects. Last Updated: September 30, 2014. Current Version: 1.0

This is a powerful collage maker and photo editor for you to create amazing collages using your photos

Photo Collage Editor and Jigsaw photo Art is a powerful collage maker and photo editor for you to create amazing collages using your photos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with cool fonts and frames.

The excellent editor can be used for variety of image effects, stickers and much more functionality to make your photo moments memorable. It is the best way to create collage and post it to Instagram, facebook and other social media.

Photo Collage Editor is the best collage maker and photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with various frame patterns and photo grids, then share them at a time!
– 40+ types of frames to choose from!
– Easy to change border colors,BG and patterns!
– Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize
– Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
– Easy to add TEXT or STICKERS!
– A full-featured photo editor included!
– Easy to use Interface
– Amazing photo fx filters
– Share to your social network


Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art 2017

Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art APK

Download Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art

Download Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art APK

Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art for Android

Download Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art for Android

Download Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art APK for Android

Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art 1.0 screenshot

Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 0Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 1Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 2Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 3Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 4Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 5Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 6Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 7Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 8Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 9Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 10Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 11Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 12Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 13Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 14Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 15Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 16Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 17Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 18Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 19Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 20Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 21Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 22Jigsaw Photo/Collage Photo Art screenshot 23

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Pix Foto Mix – Mix photos with style ,stickers and effects to make a brand new photo

Pix Foto Mix

Mix photos with style ,stickers and effects to make a brand new photo

Pix Foto Mix screenshot 0Pix Foto Mix screenshot 1Pix Foto Mix screenshot 2Pix Foto Mix screenshot 3Pix Foto Mix screenshot 4

Pix Foto Mix is an amazing tool to mix photos in a number of ways to produce a stylish and attractive photo.
It has the ability to transform your thoughts into a vibrant free form collage as well.
It first beauty the pics by applying a number of fancy effects and real fun comes after that when your beautified pic shelters a new shape.
You can give each of your pic a different shape by picking from collection of more than 30 shapes.
There are a lots of stickers as well to add the real emotions to your collage.
There are more than 20 surfaces on which you can build your collage.

This app may help you greatly if you are a collage love and want to design some unique collage for your loved ones on special occasion like birthday,marriage anniversary,festivals etc.
Style Collage contains the easy to use features-

-*- Your collage is not sticking to any template,it mean you are absolutely free to diverse your thought and arrange the pics.
-*- Select collage surface of your choice from the collection.
-*- Choose as many photos as you want from gallery or live camera and creates collages instantly.
-*- Add beautiful Frames to your Collage.
-*- A lots of Photo Effects
-*- A lots of shapes/style
-*- Paint your collage with the color of your choice
-*- Add lovely stickers from the sticker gallery of the app
-*- Add text to elaborate your collage
-*- Customize the text using different font style,text color and sizes.
-*- Easy to edit, easy to share or Share later\
-*- pinch-to-zoom interface.
-*- Border selection, pattern, etc
-*- Saves and share your collages with friends, and familiy
Once you’re done, share it on Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter, Instagram and also also email it!
Perfect for keeping memories 🙂

Detail information:

Available Light – Enter a ambient lighting conditions and we'll give you apertures/shutter speeds.

Available Light

Enter a ambient lighting conditions and we'll give you apertures/shutter speeds.

Available Light screenshot 0Available Light screenshot 1Available Light screenshot 2Available Light screenshot 3

Modern cameras have great built-in light meters, but sometimes taking photographs using available light (i.e. without flash or other photographic lighting) can be a challenge, especially with long exposures in low light levels or very high intensity lighting. Fortunately in extreme conditions you can usually use an exposure guide like this one. Simply enter your film speed setting, choose the lighting conditions from the list and then see a table of shutter speed and aperture combinations. This table allows you to use a camera with manual control in conditions outside the range of the built-in light meter. The app will also compute the Exposure Value and light level in lux. It’s a simple tool to help you take good photographs in difficult conditions.

See detail information and download apk file:

Photo Collage – Pics Fashion – Capture,create and share your special moments with Photo Collage – pics fashion.

Photo Collage - Pics Fashion

Capture,create and share your special moments with Photo Collage – pics fashion.

Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 0Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 1Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 2Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 3Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 4Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 5Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 6Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 7Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 8Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 9Photo Collage - Pics Fashion screenshot 10

‘Photo Collage – pics fashion’,Instantly and easily create collages,hd wallpaper and photo albums,Edit pictures in your photo lab and Collage your best pics with four different collage types.
Make a beautiful collage and share the magic and beauty of your instant photo collage with the world with this free collage maker app.
This free app is a simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best photo collage app in the market.
Photo Collage – pics fashion offers four different collage types (single,multi,free hd and filmstrip)with extraordinary features and lets you pull in photos from camera, gallery,Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.
*Powerful photo editor tool with…
– One-tap auto enhance,
– Gorgeous photo effects and frames
– Fun stickers
– Color balance
– Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
– Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
– Sharpen and blur
– Color temperature (“Warmth”)
– Color Splash
– Focus (Tilt Shift)
– Draw and add text
– Create your own memes
– Cosmetic tools: fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth
*Option of edit photo with two finger gestures to move, Rotate, Scale Photos Create Professional collage instantly.
*Create a professional collage instantly – incredibly easy
*An easy to use application which enables you to make collages with your wonderful photos.
*Choose hd wallpaper from variety of backgrounds.
*Make your foto collage in desirable shapes with hd background,stickers,text on pic/photo,border etc.
*Save and share it with the world through Instagram, Facebook,whatsapp, and others.
*You can re size, rotate, move the photos inside in free HD collage feature.
*Make cool instant photo Collages using Collage Maker.
*And much more.
Photo Collage – pics fashion is a software that comes packed with lots of features,As pictures are the best way to keep memories alive.
no need to bound yourself by limited pre-define foto collage frames, set positioning of your fotos on your own way and share with your friends.
This is time to save your memories in even better way. Use your creativity with Collage Creator and have fun and fashion with your pics.
This app is a useful simple toll with extraordinary features, so friends take pics, decorate with this, and share with your friends and family.
Use this free photography app to turn your fotos into awesome collages.
No matter how you want to arrange them, Our goal at Be Funky is to help you create the masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of, which is why there’s unlimited of ways to customize your collage!
Change the wallpaper or add your photo in your style With this, you will be able to create works of art with your pics!
You can now create masterpieces in only a few tap with our easy-to-use features. You can quickly and easily create spectacular picture collages from the photos stored in your photo album of your smart phone and tab.

Download apk file for android: