Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro Latest Version APK for Android

Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro apk
Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro apk

High quality close ups Alaska wild flowers. Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro is offered by Last Updated: March 30, 2011. Current Version: 1.2.0

High quality close ups Alaska wildflower photos. Use this app to set your phones wallpaper. More pictures coming soon.

The bouquet:

Cow Parsnip
Fire weed
Purple Lupine
Pink Lupine
Wild Rose
Skunk Cabbage
Beach Pea
Mountain Ash
Shooting Star
Chocolate Lily
Wild Iris

Image captions:

Chocolate lilies and nootka lupine line the local Juneau golf course.

Spring dandelions grace the shore of Auke Bay in Juneau, Alaska.

In Southeast Alaska spring cannot be far behind when the skunk cabbage blooms.

Beautiful dandelions are everywhere the first week of May in Southeast Alaska.

Nootka lupine shows shades of violet, pink, and deep purple depending on when it blooms.

Dandelions are not only beautiful but edible too.

The western buttercup blooms in alpine meadows.

A stand of lupine on the shores of Point Louisa near Juneau, Alaska

A bee visits a field of lupine spreading pollen and assuring a new crop the next year.

In Southeast Alaska dandelions can grow up to two feet tall and three inches in diameter.

Cow parsnip and fireweed put on an amazing show in Late June and July.

Spring shoots of fireweed and cow parsnip can be eaten if care is taken in prepration.

Care must be taken when wandering among these beautiful cow parsnip plants. The sap can cause a severe burn especially on sunny days.

A lone cow parsnip blossom catches the light.

Lupine is thought to have originated in Egypt.

Historically the bulb of the chocolate lily were an important source of starchy food.

Lovely shooting stars are among the first spring flowers in wetlands.

Hybrid fancy lupine comes in many colors.

Lupine, butter cups and chocolate lilies provide a stunning foreground for the mountains of Southeast Alaska.

Beach grass catches the late afternoon light.

An otherwise unremarkable shrub catches the light to make a lovely photograph.

A dandelion head is a thing of beauty when viewed up close.

Beach cinquefoil is one of many flowering plants growing along the beaches of Southeast Alaska.

The elegant beach pea grows on most Southeast Alaska shores, but is not edible.

Fireweed blossoms are edible and make a colorful addition to salads.

Bees and hummingbirds depend on the massive fields of fireweed.

These two showy beautiful flowers are often found together.

Large stands of iris grace meadows and fields in Southeast Alaska.

Wild iris is a beautiful stand alone flower or as a show of flowers.

Wild iris, snow capped mountains, and blue skies make an unforgettable day and a beautiful photograph.

A single head of cow parsnip is composed of hundreds of tiny flowers.

Chocolate lilies can have a strong unpleasant oder, but are always pleasant to view.

A colorful variety of leaves is found among rocks on a beach.

The lowly butter cup adds a spot of color, but can be quite invasive in yards and gardens.

The forget-me-not is the Alaska state flower.

What’s New

-Added custom cropping to fix your device.

-Added support for higher resolutions of pictures.

-Started adding support for Honeycomb tablets.

-Added share button to send your favorite picture to friends via facebook, gmail, twitter or any other sharing android app.

-Fixed the comments.


Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro 2017

Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro APK

Download Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro

Download Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro APK

Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro for Android

Download Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro for Android

Download Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro APK for Android

Alaska’s Wild Flowers Pro 1.2.0 screenshot

Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 0Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 1Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 2Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 3Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 4Alaska's Wild Flowers Pro screenshot 5

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free Draw ver1.1 Latest Version APK for Android

download free Draw ver1.1 apk
download free Draw ver1.1 apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. free Draw ver1.1 is offered by Siyan Bae. Last Updated: March 20, 2011. Current Version: 1.3

This app express their thoughts easily can picture will help.
In various colors and your imagination and create great works
The folder can store their work offers.
Another great picture e-mail, pacebook, twitter, and can share

-Update 2011- 3- 20
* mms 및 gmail 사진 미전송 에러 수정

What’s New


free Draw ver1.1 2017

Download free Draw ver1.1 APK

free Draw ver1.1 for Android

Download free Draw ver1.1 for Android

Download free Draw ver1.1 APK for Android

free Draw ver1.1 1.3 screenshot

free Draw ver1.1 screenshot 0free Draw ver1.1 screenshot 1

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Fat Kiosk © HD Latest Version APK for Android

Fat Kiosk © HD apk
Fat Kiosk © HD apk

Look fat without the food!. Fat Kiosk © HD is offered by Last Updated: March 10, 2011. Current Version: 1.0

Do you want to see the future?
Look fat without the food!

Lots of fun with this hi-tech app that increases your size and looks, as you gain weight or age.

Avoid this by knowing how bad you might look.

A new visualization app that adds the effects of weight gain and aging to any frontal photo.

The app employs automatic face recognition to detect the eyes, mouth, and chin, and advanced image processing to simulate how that face would appear if the person gained 100 pounds and/or aged 20 years.

Photos may be taken from the Gallery or camera, and shared using Facebook, Twitter, eMail, or SMS (from the picture gallery, once it’s saved). The app includes both automatic and manual controls.

Feature Highlights:
✔ See what someone would look like if they were overweight
✔ Hi-tech image processing of actual photos produces realistic results
✔ Automatic and manual controls
✔ Share results from within the app using Facebook, Twitter, eMail, or SMS (from the picture gallery, once it’s saved)

Whether the subject finds it horrifying or hilarious, Fat Kiosk © HD gives pranksters the ability to automatically add the effects of weight and/or age to any frontal photo.

For best results the developers recommend the use of good quality photos, taken in close-up, at a full-frontal angle.

It is also helpful if the subject’s head is not tilted, and they should be smiling.

With these conditions met, the automatic facial recognition of the app locates the position and dimensions of the eyes, mouth, and chin. Using these as reference points, the app’s image processing function widens the bridge of the nose, broadens the cheeks, and adds a double chin.

Users can create custom effects using the manual controls to outline the photo’s reference points.

Be ready to look your appearance.

Look below at the samples!

Get your download!

Web Site:


Fat Kiosk © HD 2017

Download Fat Kiosk © HD APK

Fat Kiosk © HD for Android

Download Fat Kiosk © HD for Android

Download Fat Kiosk © HD APK for Android

Fat Kiosk © HD 1.0 screenshot

Fat Kiosk © HD screenshot 0Fat Kiosk © HD screenshot 1Fat Kiosk © HD screenshot 2Fat Kiosk © HD screenshot 3Fat Kiosk © HD screenshot 4

Fat Kiosk © HD apk video

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Depth Of Field Calculator – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Depth Of Field Calculator

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 0Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 1Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 2Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 3Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 4Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 5Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 6Depth Of Field Calculator screenshot 7

Depth of Field is the amazing blurring effects we see in Portraits, models and advertisements. It is also the fantastic focus of everything in award winning landscape photos. Calculating and knowing the depth of field is a complex process, which depends not only on the camera but the lens and subject.

Many professional photographers use a Depth of Field table and carry it around to help them make an award winning photo.

This application (DoF Calculator) makes those complex calculations to suggest to you an approximation of the required settings for the best photograph to take. Use this application to shoot like a pro and get amazing results!

This calculator works with most models of cameras available in the market. It is also suited for most scenes to shoot.

Do leave a comment or feature request and we will attend to it as soon as possible. More background images are being worked on to improve the product usability.
Email your feedback for prompt inclusion to

Find us on facebook and leave a comment or feature request at: (Phone-Apps Builder)

App tested on HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Droid X, HTC myTouch

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Magic Voice Camera – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Magic Voice Camera

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Magic Voice Camera screenshot 0Magic Voice Camera screenshot 1Magic Voice Camera screenshot 2

” Just say ‘Cheese’ when self-camera. If you take to voice shuttering, your finger will be lazy when take a picture”
MagicVoiceCamera is the camera that can be take a picture by simple speech.
Especially, it will be very useful when you take self-camera or your hands is not free even single hand.
Moreover you can take a picture by voice far from smartphone instead of timer (But not ao too far…^^;)

Voice Recognition and noise cancel tech-knowledge is applied to MagicVoiceCamera.
Therefore, you can take a picture by just speech. In addition to noise cancelling tech-knowledge make good signal
for voice recognition engine by reduce the noise. this cause improvement voice recognition success rating from 10% to 50%. Such as a car, on the street, restaurant, office, market, and so on. You can take a picture only using your speech.

How to use voice shuttering?

1. Excute Magic VoiceCamera

2. When the shutter button green light on, speak command.
Kind of command : 1. Cheese
(choose one 2. OK
3. Oki doki
4. Take a picture

< You can take choice comfortable command for you >

3. Waitng for reaction from camera for a while (Min 0.1seconds ~ Max. 2seconds)

4. If reconition succeed, smart phone will be vibrated shortly.
–> If recognition failed, just simply say command again. (Don’t be angry)

5. finally, if regonition succeed, camera will take a piture with shutter sound.

6. At this monet you can seetwo image button. if you press save button, then current picture will be store to storage. If you press another button it will not store. Just bypassed.

7. Againly excute from second paraggraph to number 6.

If little bit much moving your smartphone, internall sensor will detect this and picture will not be taken. Please don’t move much when you take a piicture. ( Anti-Shaking Magic way..^^; )

-Other functions

1. Auto-focusing
2. White balance
3. Camcorder function
4. Color effect
5. Scene effect
6. Auto-flash
7. Button-shutter
8. Zoon In/Out
9. Picture taken location store function
10. Auto-save function

Some function can be limited followed by your smartphone characteristic.


Magic Voice Camera
voice recognition
Speech recognition
Noise Cancelling
Self Camera
Voice shutter
Speech Camera


Danish, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmal,
German, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Korean,
French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese (China),
Spanish (United States), Portuguese (Portugal),
Chinese (Taiwan)

-Develope environment

1. Android 2.2 Froyo

-Upgrade Plan

1. Add Command add Zoom In/Out
2. Add Continuos take picture function
3. Update Noise cancelling parameter

See more information and download apk file: