Picture Frames Free – This app lets you combine multiple photos into beautiful frames.

Picture Frames Free

This app lets you combine multiple photos into beautiful frames.

Picture Frames Free screenshot 0Picture Frames Free screenshot 1Picture Frames Free screenshot 2Picture Frames Free screenshot 3Picture Frames Free screenshot 4

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“Love the fact that it’s such an easy app to use and to learn. It’s a simple click process; select the frame, add the photos and then choose a border, how much easier can it be? …I am addicted to this app.” – MonsterFreeApps.com

Picture Frames Free lets you get photographically creative. Combine multiple photos into beautiful frames then share with others. This app is really easy to use and doesn’t cost you a thing.

You have those wonderful wedding and honeymoon pictures. There are so many great ones! You’ve been planning to send them to all your friends and relatives one at a time. Yawn. Boring!

Why not arrange those special snapshots into attractive groups that everyone will cherish? Maybe put the happy bride and groom at the top, a photo of that beautiful resort where you spent your first night as man and wife beneath it, with a shot of the two of you on the beach beside that. It’s really easy, go ahead and try it.

Okay, that looks nice but let’s jazz it up some more. Select a frame in the color you want, maybe one of your wedding party colors. How does that look? Mmm, not quite there, thicken the border a little. Yes, that’s perfect! If you want, you can zoom in a bit to make sure people can see those newlywed smiles. Now, that is a great presentation of an important event in your life and it took hardly any time at all.

Picture Frames Free makes it super easy to combine multiple photos into frames to share your story with friends and family. There are tons of adjustable frames and a color palette to choose from, so there’s something for everybody and every occasion.

Simply take photos or select existing ones from your camera roll. Arrange them the way you like, zoom, pan, make any adjustments then add any frame in your favorite color. Like we said, there is lots of variety, so get creative and put your personal touches to your photo groups. Make your borders thin, thick or in between, whatever spices up your pictures and makes them pop.

Your Picture Frames Free does all the work in a lower resolution, so you’ll have faster processing and online uploading. When you print the finished images out though, you get high resolution for crisp clear memories.

When you’ve finished creating your framed pictures, show them off to others. The application lets you quickly and easily share them on Facebook, Twitter or our public user gallery. The whole world can admire your handiwork and if you want to, you can simply email your photos, like you’d planned to in the first place. However, now they will be extra special mementos of your big day.

Check out some of the features you get in Picture Frames Free:
* Beautiful, intuitive interface
* Very easy to use
* Works with existing saved photos or new ones
* Offers tons of adjustable frames
* Varied color palette for your frame colors
* Adjustable border thickness
* Zoom, pan, and adjust your images
* High resolution for printouts!
* Lower resolution for faster processing and online uploading
* Share on Facebook, Twitter, or our public user gallery
* See what others are creating on the user gallery
* Email your creations to friends and family
* App supports both the iPhone and iPad

Now is the time to let your muse out to play. Download Picture Frames Free, have fun and share your original photo arrangements.

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Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/xFJyxm


FishEye : Mermaid Eye Latest Version APK for Android

download FishEye : Mermaid Eye apk
download FishEye : Mermaid Eye apk

Fish eye camera. FishEye : Mermaid Eye is offered by kids room. Last Updated: October 29, 2012. Current Version: 1.0

When holding the camera, world wind fish-eye camera is projected in real time.
So, it is real-time.
Because the important thing, I tried to say it again.
So easy to determine the composition!

This app has 5 fisheye lenses.
You can change the level of the fish-eye.

Already, at the time of your choice, then press the shutter release button, please.
If during the blind date, the best moment of strange face.
The coming season, not even Nogaseru foliage.
Size and position of the fisheye lens can be changed.
(pinch , drag)
A smaller, you can look like the representation of the world through the marbles.

The image can also be saved to the SD card. (With Notes)

Please enjoy, a nice fish-eye camera image wind.

※ Recommended terminal
Hi spec Terminal

※ Notes
Depending on the terminal, the image is saved to the SD card, there is a thing that can not be viewed immediately.
(Gallery, Media folder …)
In that case, Sorry to trouble you, but after unmounting the SD card, please run the mount of the SD card again.
Then I found that to be viewable.
(This way, there is a case of the effectiveness of such apps like other developers, but also to a similar phenomenon.)
Or, otherwise, please use the app to browse through the SD card.

When using the in-camera, the screen is like a mirror, display be reversed.
Stored images will be canceled reversed.
(If there is a bug, please report.)


FishEye : Mermaid Eye 2017

Download FishEye : Mermaid Eye APK

FishEye : Mermaid Eye for Android

Download FishEye : Mermaid Eye for Android

Download FishEye : Mermaid Eye APK for Android

FishEye : Mermaid Eye 1.0 screenshot

FishEye : Mermaid Eye screenshot 0FishEye : Mermaid Eye screenshot 1FishEye : Mermaid Eye screenshot 2

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/i7TQ4m

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Panda Gallery HD Latest Version APK for Android

Panda Gallery HD apk
Panda Gallery HD apk

HD Cute Panda Gallery. Panda Gallery HD is offered by uniplayapps. Last Updated: October 29, 2012. Current Version: 2.0

Panda Image Gallery.

After the appearance of cartoon “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu Panda 2” interest in the pandas has increased considerably, both adults and children want to know more about these beautiful rare animals. Gallery of photos of pandas will show you how to look and behave like a panda from all over the world.

A large panda or bamboo bear – a mammal family of a bear with a distinctive, easily recognizable black and white coloring hair. Giant Pandas live in mountainous regions of central China: Sichuan, Tibet, Shaanxi and Gansu. In the second half of XX century panda has become almost a national emblem of China.

There is also a small (or red) panda, but they are more like foxes, and relatively little known.

A large panda reaches a length of 1.5 m and weighs 160 kg, so the feeling that it’s cute Chinese bear, can be deceiving. The tail is rather long (for a bear’s standards) to 12 cm body is covered with thick white fur with black patches around the eyes (“points”) and black paws.

Few people know that a panda to 6 “fingers” on the front paws, and the sixth, as opposed “finger” is a modified wrist bone. This form of “palm” allows strong hold in the clutches of bamboo, so that Kung Fu Panda are the truth would be an advantage in battle.

In principle, the panda – predatory animals, but, oddly enough, feed mainly on bamboo, up to 30 kg per day. In the wild, pandas eat bamboo and bamboo shoots, in zoos for their diet add “bamboo cookies”. Pandas are omnivores can eat eggs or insects, but if in an area inhabited by pandas, bamboo disappears (for example, after flowering), the pandas face starvation.

List of Panda Photos:
01 Panda baby
02 Pandas from Wolong
03 Mother and daughter
04 Panda cub Tai Shan and his mother Mei Xiang
05 Panda on tree
06 Sad Panda
07 Pandas from Wolong
08 Hua Mei from San Diego
09 Pandas Family
10 Sleeping pandas
11 Swimming panda
12 Pandas kissing
13 Pandas climbing
14 Pandas playing in Sichuan
15 Pandas from Chengdu
16 Panda cub from Vienna
17 Panda chewing bamboo
18 Panda from San Diego sunning
19 Mei Xiang from Smithsonian’s National Park
20 Panda brothers
21 Pandas walking under the snow
22 Pandas family from San Diego playing
23 Panda from Chengdu posing
24 Panda twins
25 Panda eating
26 Panda snack time
27 Two Pandas from Wolong eating bamboo
28 Panda resting
29 Panda baby sleeping
30 New born panda
31 Pandas from Sichuan
32 Pandas Qiqi and Zhizhi eat at the Chengdu Base
33 Panda from Adelaide
34 Seven month old panda cub Fu Long
35 Walking panda
36 Autumn panda
37 Winter panda
38 Panda from Edinburgh
39 Panda baby
40 Panda on tree
41 Newborn baby pandas from Chengdu

Thank you for your interest for live nature, enjoy this Panda Gallery.

What’s New

New User Interface + now you can set image from Panda Gallery as wallpaper.


Panda Gallery HD 2017

Panda Gallery HD APK

Download Panda Gallery HD

Download Panda Gallery HD APK

Panda Gallery HD for Android

Download Panda Gallery HD for Android

Download Panda Gallery HD APK for Android

Panda Gallery HD 2.0 screenshot

Panda Gallery HD screenshot 0Panda Gallery HD screenshot 1Panda Gallery HD screenshot 2Panda Gallery HD screenshot 3

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Digital frame Latest Version APK for Android

Digital frame apk
Digital frame apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Digital frame is offered by neojsy. Last Updated: October 26, 2012. Current Version: beta

You can use a this app like to digital photo frame.

– Auto-run by charger connecting and auto-exiting by unplug.
– When app is running, phone does not screen off.
– If you set the image folder sub-images are displayed randomly.
– You can set image change settings.
– You can set the size, location and time of the displayed clock.
– Animated GIF is supported.

Latest Updates



Digital frame 2017

Download Digital frame for Android

Download Digital frame APK for Android

Digital frame beta screenshot

Digital frame screenshot 0Digital frame screenshot 1Digital frame screenshot 2Digital frame screenshot 3

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Labelbox Latest Version APK for Android

download Labelbox apk
download Labelbox apk

A beautiful photo app that easily & stylishly labels your photos. Labelbox is offered by Stepcase. Last Updated: October 24, 2012. Current Version: 1.1.1

*Now with a more fully featured Steply Community*
Labelbox is now available for Android devices! iPhone users loved us, and we achieved one million downloads in 25 days, as well as hitting number one in 46 countries. We are bringing the same experience to Android users.

Labelbox is a simple, easy to use, photo labeler using a variety of beautiful tapes that stylishly labels your photos.
Select, swipe and type.
Labelbox helps you highlight areas, label items in your photo in an artistic, creative and fun way. You can even use different labels to create frames inside your photo.

Features include:
* 9 different styles FREE
* 4 premium labels as an in-app purchase
* Type in all directions
* Create funky frames using the tapes

* Steply Photo Network
* View shared amazing photos from around the world
* Share to Steply, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Posterous & Flickr

What’s New


* fixed cannot show image taken from camera on some devices



* read phone state permission is requested for sharing photos to other social networks

* more labels are coming, keep in touch with us.

– fix force close sometimes when reselecting image

– fix some devices cannot open image

– Support Android 4.1

– Able to save up to 1280px x 1280px image

– Improve performance

– Minor Bug fixes


Labelbox 2017

Download Labelbox

Download Labelbox APK

Labelbox for Android

Download Labelbox for Android

Download Labelbox APK for Android

Labelbox 1.1.1 screenshot

Labelbox screenshot 0Labelbox screenshot 1Labelbox screenshot 2Labelbox screenshot 3Labelbox screenshot 4

Labelbox apk video

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Frame Camera Latest Version APK for Android

download Frame Camera apk
download Frame Camera apk

Take photos from your camera and convert it in a classical piece of art. Frame Camera is offered by BeBroker. Last Updated: October 21, 2012. Current Version: 1.2

Take photos from your camera and convert it in a classical piece of art. Select one of the six classic frames and the app transforms it in awesome old fashion artwork. Is also an ideal choice for large pieces, landscape photos and paintings.

Frame Types:

– This custom gold picture frame demands attention with its flourishes of ornate detailing. Its antique look makes the wood picture frame perfect for wedding pictures and beyond.

– This black picture frame demands attention with its flourishes of ornate detailing, a charcoal gray wash, red highlights and a gold inner lip. It accents everything from wedding pictures to fine art and beyond.

– Gold Leaf. A gold picture frame with a perfectly aged gold leaf finish over a flat, panel profile with raised, rounded outer edges. This classic, plein air frame defines luxury and perfect for a world of fine art and photography.

– This custom wood picture frame shows off an elegance with its combination of gold trim, forest green accents and delicate, decorative details. The 4″ wide moulding is an ideal choice for large pieces, landscape photos and paintings.

– Gold Leaf. A stunning gold picture frame, perfect for heavy-duty canvases, that’s antiqued with a gold leaf finish. Made from natural wood, this canvas frame will enhance your art by suspending and separating it from the moulding for a distinctive gallery-ready presentation

– Midnight Gold. Warm gold details peek through a heavily antiqued espresso and bronze finish on this ornate and stunning wood picture frame. A combination of bold raised relief patterns and a substantial, canvas-friendly profile make this midnight gold picture frame simply exquisite.

Turn your images into original and impressive creations in just a few steps with this tool.

Make your Photos unique!!


Frame Camera 2017

Download Frame Camera for Android

Download Frame Camera APK for Android

Frame Camera 1.2 screenshot

Frame Camera screenshot 0Frame Camera screenshot 1Frame Camera screenshot 2Frame Camera screenshot 3Frame Camera screenshot 4

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EZ Pics Photo Album – EZ Pics Photo Album

EZ Pics Photo Album

EZ Pics Photo Album

EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 0EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 1EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 2EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 3EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 4EZ Pics Photo Album screenshot 5

Ever wanted to instantly create photo albums on your phone and be able to manage them as you choose? EZ Pics Photo Album lets you do just that! Quickly create vibrant, colorful photo albums on the go, whenever you need to. Just simply create a new album, give it a name..and that’s it! Take pics as you go and they’ll automatically be stored in the album of your choice! Features include;

PLEASE NOTE: Development for EZ Pics has been suspended due to misplacing an important keystore file. There will not be any further updates for a while. We will keep you posted once we ship a new update or re-release the app. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Vn7zht