CSS Recognizer Latest Version APK for Android

CSS Recognizer apk
CSS Recognizer apk

Your droid will be able to learn shapes and objects from its surroundings. CSS Recognizer is offered by George Xie. Last Updated: December 31, 2013. Current Version: 1.1.2

Your droid will be able to learn shapes and objects from its surroundings.

Source code now available on GitHub: github.com/xiegeo/cssr

– How does it work?

The app will start not knowing anything. For your droid to learn, it will require much help from you. You will teach it shapes for it to match. The matching algorithm used is Curvature Scale Space, hence the name CSS Recognizer.

– How to Use

Play around with the camera, you should be able to find objects, such as toys, symbols, or hand gestures, that the app selects with little to no artifacts. The object can be anything that fits inside the view of the camera. Complex backgrounds, backgrounds with colors similar to the object, shades, and highlights might confuse the selection algorithm.

Once the app finds a good selection, click on the center of the screen and teach it the name of the object or the name of the shape. Find other objects and repeat.

Point your camera back to a learned object, now the app should tell you what it is. If it does not, just teach it the intended name again for reinforcement.

For more details, there is an in-app help page.

What’s New


Fixes image size on large screens.


Removed camera requirement in Manifest for front-facing only devices.


Supports front-facing cameras


Added Text to Speech

Changed summary algorithm


CSS Recognizer 2017

Download CSS Recognizer for Android

Download CSS Recognizer APK for Android

CSS Recognizer 1.1.2 screenshot

CSS Recognizer screenshot 0CSS Recognizer screenshot 1CSS Recognizer screenshot 2CSS Recognizer screenshot 3CSS Recognizer screenshot 4CSS Recognizer screenshot 5CSS Recognizer screenshot 6CSS Recognizer screenshot 7

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ChibiMachine – Avatar creator – Turn yourself into a Chibi: zombie, pirate, politician, rockstar, superheroes…

ChibiMachine - Avatar creator

Turn yourself into a Chibi: zombie, pirate, politician, rockstar, superheroes…

ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 0ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 1ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 2ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 3ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 4ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 5ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 6ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 7ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 8ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 9ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 10ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 11ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 12ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 13ChibiMachine - Avatar creator screenshot 14

– Customize your own high resolution avatars;
– Ninja and Geisha templates free, many more to unlock;
– 14 characters (each one available for both genders) to play with: Cowboy, Cook, Pirate, Mexican, Wizard/Witch, Baby Boy/Girl, Fitness Guy/Girl, Democrat, Republican, Zombie, Rockstar, Sportsman and Sportswoman, Superhero, Ninja, Gueisha, Santa and Mother Claus… and many more to come!
– Select hair, pose, accessories, jackets or just shuffle for random results;
– Export directly to Facebook or Twitter;
– From the creators of FACEinHOLE;

Chibi (ちび) is a Japanese term used in manga animation for characters with oversized heads.

Now with ChibiMachine you can choose from millions of possible combinations to create your own perfect Chibi. Change hairstyles, clothing and accessories and add cool backgrounds to spice it up! Best yet, you can make Avatars of all your family and friends and share them on Facebook.

It’s a whole new world at your fingertips.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/obrdYQ

AustereSoft Image Editor Pro – Apply mesmerizing image effects, textures & fun warps to life's defining moments

AustereSoft Image Editor Pro

Apply mesmerizing image effects, textures & fun warps to life's defining moments

AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 0AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 1AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 2AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 3AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 4AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 5AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 6AustereSoft Image Editor Pro screenshot 7

Want to create a “Selfie” that stands out on Social Networking?
Want to remember life’s defining moments filled with fun and best of colors?
Here’s the answer!

AustereSoft Image Editor Pro, a 4-in-1 photo editor – resizer – compressor app that combines the power of breathtaking effects, multiple textures, funny warp, image compressor and resizer under one umbrella.


# Easy touch powered by one-finger zoom and swipe gesture to navigate between tabs
# Chaining of effects enabling user to apply millions of cool, self-invented effects
# GPU accelerated UI interface with multiple options to fine-tune inputs
# Can be launched directly from Gallery itself
# In-built Camera Launcher
# Social Integration: share photos via facebook, picasa, twitter and many more
# Flexibility to save photo in any of PNG or JPG format

Its smart, user-friendly interface consists of 3 tabs:

A) EFFECTS: Divided into 4 different types:

* One-touch
* Textures
* Multi-input
* Funny Warp

B) COMPRESSOR: high, medium and low compression strengths with negligible change in quality

C) RESIZER & CROP: Resize images to User defined as well as Default sizes

Please e-mail if you experience any issues @ austeresoft.ie@gmail.com

*Coming soon:
– Saving a sequence of effects to apply them on new images
– Finger-painting different textures on image canvas

Detail information: https://goo.gl/LlBK7g

Mizutam@ — Dot pattern maker Latest Version APK for Android

download Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker apk
download Mizutam@ — Dot pattern maker apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Mizutam@ — Dot pattern maker is offered by Canal Production.. Last Updated: December 30, 2013. Current Version: 1.1.5

Intuitively, this is an app that can make polka dots on the image you have taken photos.
The image produced on this application can be stored in the folder “mizutama”.
*©PHOMONA in the screeshots.

———–How to use————
1. If you press “Start” in the topmenu, go to the polka-dot creation screen.
2. And, you press “Open”, open the image.
3. “Color”でお好きな色を選べます。
4. あとは,タッチアンドドラッグで円を作成および変形,移動できます。
5. 作成した円を消したい場合は,円をタッチして”Remove”を押してください。
6. 出来た画像は”Save”で保存されます。

Related keywords (tags)
・Bubble image
・Pic collage
・Circle Effect
・Mizutama collage

What’s New


・Google Playボタンのアクセス先を直しました。







Mizutam@ — Dot pattern maker 2017

Mizutam@ — Dot pattern maker 1.1.5 screenshot

Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 0Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 1Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 2Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 3Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 4Mizutam@ -- Dot pattern maker screenshot 5

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Snipin’ Zooper Skin Latest Version APK for Android

download Snipin' Zooper Skin apk
download Snipin’ Zooper Skin apk

Snipin' Zooper Skin. Snipin’ Zooper Skin is offered by DJ HH. Last Updated: December 29, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

Snipin’ Zooper Skin

*Zooper Widget (PRO ONLY): goo.gl/7cO6t
*Media Utilities142 is the latest Alpha release and is required to make the track progress work (Make sure zooper widget is enabled in Media Utilities Settings as well as Make CoverArt Available.) : goo.gl/6tCfDA
My Setup:
This skin were made on a 720p device.
Desktop grid 10×8 (on a 720 screen. Other size screens may have to play with the gridsize and scaling a little)
No margins
Notification Bar optional
No Dock
If you have any issues or need help with anything feel free to email me


Snipin’ Zooper Skin 2017

Download Snipin’ Zooper Skin

Download Snipin’ Zooper Skin APK

Snipin’ Zooper Skin for Android

Download Snipin’ Zooper Skin for Android

Download Snipin’ Zooper Skin APK for Android

Snipin’ Zooper Skin 1.0 screenshot

Snipin' Zooper Skin screenshot 0Snipin' Zooper Skin screenshot 1

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