Pics for Sony SmartWatch – This app shows photos randomly.Touching/swiping the screen, new image wipes in.

Pics for Sony SmartWatch

This app shows photos randomly.Touching/swiping the screen, new image wipes in.

Pics for Sony SmartWatch screenshot 0Pics for Sony SmartWatch screenshot 1Pics for Sony SmartWatch screenshot 2

The photo viewer for Sony SmartWatch running with LiveWare application.
This application shows photos randomly in a sdcard on the smart phone.
By touching or swiping the screen of smart watch, a new image wipes in.

LiveWare extension for SmartWatch

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White Balance Color Temp Meter – Measures color temp to find the right white balance setting for your camera.

White Balance Color Temp Meter

Measures color temp to find the right white balance setting for your camera.

White Balance Color Temp Meter screenshot 0White Balance Color Temp Meter screenshot 1White Balance Color Temp Meter screenshot 2White Balance Color Temp Meter screenshot 3

Have you ever experienced that the colors of your photos does not seems to correspond to the colors of the scenes in front of you? Let this app help you to get more realistic and better looking photos!

The app measures the color temperature of the lighting so that you can set the appropriate white balance setting on your camera. Problems have been reported on certain Android(TM) devices and therefore I now offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you are not happy with the performance of the app on your device, let me know and I give you a full refund! Valid within a whole month from the date of purchase.

How to Use the App?
Find a surface that is white or gray. A white paper with or without text works perfectly. Just make sure to avoid any colors. Point the camera towards that surface and click the Analyze button. The app will then show the measured color temperature of the light that falls on that surface. The app will also recommend a white balance setting for you to use on your camera in these lighting conditions.

What is Color Temperature?
Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that measures the hue of light from a light source. Color temperatures are usually measured in Kelvin (K). Low color temperatures (below 3000 K) are called warm colors (red and yellowish white) while high color temperatures (above 5000 K) are called cool colors (blueish white). Technically the color temperature is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that of the light source.

When is Color Temperature Important?
Color temperatures are of special interest in all kinds of color photography. The human eye easily compensates for the color temperature of different light sources. Most cameras today have a feature called Automatic White Balance, AWB, which tries to do the same. In some conditions this works OK, in other conditions the results are poor. Many photographers therefore prefer to manually set the white balance value on the camera to match the color temperature of the current scene. With this application you can measure the color temperature before doing the white balance setting on you camera to get a more accurate setting.

You can also use this app to learn about the color temperatures in your environment. With this knowledge you can develop a better understanding of how the color temperatures varies which helps you when you are trying to master the light and colors in your photography.

How Accurate are the Measurements?
To measure the color temperature accurately is a complex issue. On an Android(TM) device is it complicated further by the fact that all devices are slightly different from each other. See the measured values as fairly good approximations.

Got Feedback on the App?
Please send any feedback, ideas or improvement suggestions on the application to

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Kids Baby Photo Frames – Baby Photo Frames. Cute kids' photo frames from collection

Kids Baby Photo Frames

Baby Photo Frames. Cute kids' photo frames from collection

Kids Baby Photo Frames screenshot 0Kids Baby Photo Frames screenshot 1Kids Baby Photo Frames screenshot 2Kids Baby Photo Frames screenshot 3

Cute KIDS PHOTO FRAMES app made by
According to our traditions we provide you the most lovely baby photo frames.

Usual benefits of using our apps are:

+ AUTO updates, i.e. new funny photo frames without updating the app;
+ app is FREE, and will always be free ;
+ higly responsive and easy to use interface;
+ share your creations with friends. Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.

Try our app and tell us your opinion!
Any comments and rates are highly appreciated.

If you have any problem with the app, please, let us know via

Tags: kids photo frames, children’s foto frames, baby photo frames

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Animal Totem & Spirit Guide Latest Version APK for Android

Animal Totem & Spirit Guide apk
Animal Totem & Spirit Guide apk

Find your Animal Totem & Spirit Guide. Animal Totem & Spirit Guide is offered by Perry Henderson. Last Updated: June 27, 2013. Current Version: 1.2

For Entertainment purposes only The Animal Totem & Spirit Guide App will capture and reveal your Animal Totem & Spirit Guide using Native American Animal Guides overlaid on top of real-time pictures. It’s an affordable Animal Totem & Spirit Guide App that can be used by Spiritual and New Age Masters to augment your sessions with clients requiring insight into real time moments. Its the perfect addition to your angel card, goddess, devas, Ascended Masters, elementals or faery card collection.

The Animal Totem & Spirit Guide App is a fun way to capture and share a Animal Totem & Spirit Guide picture with your friends. Each Animal Totem & Spirit Guide has a special meaning and with your picture, you can figure out what it means to you. And though many Masters train for years to give Animal Totem & Spirit Guide readings, the Animal Totem & Spirit Guide App has a special Animal Totem & Spirit Guide Meaning Guide based on the spiritual Animal Totem & Spirit Guide overlays to help you understand the animal’s meaning.

The Animal Totem & Spirit Guide App works best with phones with at least 512MB RAM as the pictures in your phone tend to be high resolution. You can avoid this problem by adjusting your settings to take lower resolution pictures while using the app. For Entertainment purposes only


Animal Totem & Spirit Guide 2017

Download Animal Totem & Spirit Guide

Download Animal Totem & Spirit Guide APK

Animal Totem & Spirit Guide for Android

Download Animal Totem & Spirit Guide for Android

Download Animal Totem & Spirit Guide APK for Android

Animal Totem & Spirit Guide 1.2 screenshot

Animal Totem & Spirit Guide screenshot 0Animal Totem & Spirit Guide screenshot 1Animal Totem & Spirit Guide screenshot 2Animal Totem & Spirit Guide screenshot 3

Animal Totem & Spirit Guide apk video

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Deco Sketch – Geometric Photo Effects

Deco Sketch

Geometric Photo Effects

Deco Sketch screenshot 0Deco Sketch screenshot 1Deco Sketch screenshot 2Deco Sketch screenshot 3Deco Sketch screenshot 4

“A wildly addictive app that adds a seemingly endless variety of geometric effects to your mobile images, giving them strong, eye-catching elements that are impossible to create with just photography and filters.”

– Hannah Teoh,

“Deco Sketch has something to offer the imaginative, playful and creative mind for both the doodler and the serious artist.”

– Nicki Fitz-Gerald,


Enhance your photos to make detailed masterpieces or minimally affected compositions with Deco Sketch, the geometric effects and drawing suite for professionals and hobbyists. Featuring a diverse collection of unconventional brushes and presets, Deco Sketch lets you organize intricate patterned styles over simple photo filters to produce beautiful, completely original artwork.

A vast selection of unique shape emitting brushes that includes customizable settings allowing creative manipulation of the flow, opacity, size, and angle of your draw strokes with various unique controls. Use one of the 130 presets or customize brush settings to suit your own tastes.

Simple enough for the mobile creator but with advanced tools for the professional designer.

Mobile artistry for the geometrically obsessed.


– Enhance your photos with amazing geometric effects and patterns
– Sketch with 10 different brush types in 130 different variations
– Customize your brush strokes with 15 configurable settings
– Instantly apply color extracted from your photo to the geometry being drawn
– Sketch on a blank canvas to produce your own creation
– Output up to 8mp ( 2448 x 3264 ) for high-resolution printing capabilities
– In-app sharing to Facebook, Twitter and email in iOS 6
– Zoom, pan, undo and redo capabilities for precise creation

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サンデーフォトショット – カメラ付きスマホで3D写真を撮影するアプリです。撮影した画像はMPOという3D標準の形式で出力できるので一般の3D再生機器で3D画像として見る事ができます。



サンデーフォトショット screenshot 0サンデーフォトショット screenshot 1サンデーフォトショット screenshot 2サンデーフォトショット screenshot 3

撮影した3D画像はMPO(マルチピクチャー)という3D標準のファイル形式で保存できるのでNintendo 3DSなどの一般の3D再生機器で3D画像として見る事ができます。





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Stacking Photo – Import the images and perform the photo stacking steps without bringing a laptop

Stacking Photo

Import the images and perform the photo stacking steps without bringing a laptop

Stacking Photo screenshot 0Stacking Photo screenshot 1Stacking Photo screenshot 2Stacking Photo screenshot 3Stacking Photo screenshot 4

Prefer use together with any DSLR with JPG output.
By importing the images and perform the photo stacking steps without bringing a laptop.

The application will stack up all JPGs in the selected folder and save the resultant as the file name “result.jpg” or the name you choose in the same folder.

It requires large memory size for the apps to process 12-mega pixels images stacking.

Testing images is done by maximum images size from an EOS6D shooting with a microsd and processed by a Sony xperia Z handset. Time for stacking 600 photos approx. > 3000 seconds and may need 10% of the battery for the processing.

I make this apps for my trips as I would like to shoot some star trails photos but not to bring up a laptop as the camera was already a heavy stuff which take cost when traveling in plane. And I just think if there are guys would like to shoot for star trails considering to bring less equipments and share the star trails immediately after shooting just like me, so I share this apps.

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