SwiftCam for Mobile Latest Version APK for Android

SwiftCam for Mobile download
SwiftCam for Mobile download

With SwiftCam M3s, shoot your smooth video &1-button 360-degree panorama. SwiftCam for Mobile is offered by SwiftCam Technologies Group Co. Ltd.. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 1.5.2

SwiftCam for mobile is a free application for smooth video shooting, album browsing, and other operations on SwiftCam M3s, the app-control 3-axis handheld stabilizer for smartphone, with Bluetooth functionality. Video shooting, photo taking and 1-button 360-degree panorama video shooting can easily be started by a joystick press.
You can also optimize and personalize your SwiftCam M3s by modifying the balancing and joystick moving speed. Firmware update can be done anytime and anywhere via SwiftCam for mobile as well. The face tracking function can move SwiftCam to head towards users automatically.

Savour The Moving Moments.

Key Features
-Automatically head SwiftCam towards detected faces.
– Connect with SwiftCam M3s via Bluetooth.
– Smooth video shooting, photo taking with live images preview.
– 1-button 360-degree panorama video shooting.
-Start shooting by a single joystick press.
– Optimized balancing to fit with selected smartphone.
– Personalized joystick moving speed adjustment.
– Update firmware anytime and anywhere.

Suggested smartphones for optimized balancing
– HTC One M8
– HTC One M9
– iPhone 6
– iPhone 6+
– iPhone 6s
– LG G3
– LG G4
– LG Nexus 5
– Samsung Galaxy Note 4
– Samsung Galaxy S6
– Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
– Sony XPERIA Z3
– Sony XPERIA Z3+

Language support
– English
– Traditional Chinese
– Japanese

Operating System
– Android 4.1 or above

Latest Updates

– Fix crashing during bluetooth search


SwiftCam for Mobile 2017

Download SwiftCam for Mobile

Download SwiftCam for Mobile APK

SwiftCam for Mobile for Android

Download SwiftCam for Mobile for Android

Download SwiftCam for Mobile APK for Android

SwiftCam for Mobile 1.5.2 screenshot

SwiftCam for Mobile screenshot 0SwiftCam for Mobile screenshot 1SwiftCam for Mobile screenshot 2SwiftCam for Mobile screenshot 3SwiftCam for Mobile screenshot 4

SwiftCam for Mobile apk video

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