PlanIt! for Photographers Free Latest Version APK for Android

download PlanIt! for Photographers Free apk
download PlanIt! for Photographers Free apk

A must-have app for landscape photographers. PlanIt! for Photographers Free is offered by Ying Wen Technologies. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 6.0

** Please email for bug reports or feature requests. Comments don’t work out very well in this case **

This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers and those who are interested in night photography, city photography, time-lapse, star-trails, milky way or astro-photography: look no more, this is the ultimate app for you – Planit! for Photographers.

Please make sure you watch video tutorials at

Note for users who purchased the in-app purchase of the free version: We removed the in-app purchase option from this version since 6.0. From now on, the only way to get the paid ephemeris feature is to purchase the paid version at Eventually we will make this free version to be a free planit file reader only. For those purchased the in-app purchase before, please go ahead and purchase the paid version. After that, please email for the order number of the both the old in-app purchase and the new paid version, we will refund you for the old in-app purchase one. You can find the order number (begins with GPA-) from the emails you received from the Google Play Store. The price of the two orders should be the same if not considering the currency exchange rate changes.


This version is a free cut-down version of the PlanIt! Pro at We provided this free version for two purposes.

First, the free tool doesn’t have any ephemeris features but it has a planing tool which allows user to set the camera location on the map and check the focal length, depth of field, panorama, elevation, distance or clearview between the camera and the scene location. Those tools are still very useful for photographers. The elevation, the distance or the clear view features are useful for any travelers who may or may not take photos.

Secondly, the paid version can save the photo plan as a plan file, or the markers as a marker file. Those files can be shared to you. This free tool can be used as a reader for those files. You can see the camera location, the scene location, the focal length and the camera direction of the photo plan. For marker files, you can see where markers are if you open those files. It provides a much easier way to share plan or markers than before. As a matter of fact, you can also use the free version to add markers, save them as marker files and share it to your friends.

For those who are interested in landscape photographers, the paid version of the Planit is still the way to go. It provides much more features than this free version. It only costs you a cup of Frappuccino but will save you tons of time and effort and a lot of gas money. The most importantly, it will make you enjoy the landscape photography even more.

Please refer to for more details.

Latest Updates

1. Major UI changes in this release

2. Added calendar and events page

3. Show the moon icons in the actual shape

4. A better way to add/edit markers

5. Many small enhancements and bug fixes


PlanIt! for Photographers Free 2017

PlanIt! for Photographers Free for Android

Download PlanIt! for Photographers Free for Android

Download PlanIt! for Photographers Free APK for Android

PlanIt! for Photographers Free 6.0 screenshot

PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 0PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 1PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 2PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 3PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 4PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 5PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 6PlanIt! for Photographers Free screenshot 7

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