Spiculo Latest Version APK for Android

Spiculo apk
Spiculo apk

Photo challenges with a twist: you only get one shot for each challenge. Spiculo is offered by H2S03. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.0

Gamify your camera skills!

You are on a mission. Just you and you phone’s camera. A photo challenge is provided. Think of a creative idea. And take a shot! But aim very carefully. Because all you get is one shot per challenge. That is right. No second chance. No picture processing and fancy effects. Just one shot and a very fun game, using just your phone’s camera.

Submitted photos compete in challenges and there can only be one winner per challenge. But don’t worry. The more you participate and the more experience points (EXP) you get, and new challenges unlock as you level up. And the fun goes on. Even more so, when you also challenge your friend.

And all this for free. No hidden fees.

• Participate in photo challenges to gain experience points (EXP)
• Experience points unlock new levels which open new challenges
• Like and comment of your friends to get even more EXP
• Participate in open challenges to get special rewards
• Share your brilliant ideas and photos with others
• Collect badges for special achievements

We believe in the indefinite power of creativity. And playing with sPICulo is another great tool to unleash it! Thank you for pariticipating!

What’s New

• *NEW* group of challenges

• layout and performance improvements


Spiculo 2017

Spiculo 2.1.0 screenshot

Spiculo screenshot 0Spiculo screenshot 1Spiculo screenshot 2Spiculo screenshot 3Spiculo screenshot 4

Android Photography Apps download https://goo.gl/ki7hQH


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