Superstar Selfie – Take selfies with your idol and your favorite celebrities.

Superstar Selfie

Take selfies with your idol and your favorite celebrities.

Superstar Selfie screenshot 0Superstar Selfie screenshot 1Superstar Selfie screenshot 2Superstar Selfie screenshot 3Superstar Selfie screenshot 4

The Superstar selfie gives users the opportunity to follow their favorite celebrities. Our goal is to bring the fan to your idol with just one click. Now, every fan will have the chance to see the news, exclusive photos, official stores, the songs, besides being able to take the selfie their always dreamed of.

As we know that every fan wants to have a photo with your idol, but because of various difficulties that desire turns out to be almost impossible, we have created a simple and quick way to make this dream come true.

No hassle with expensive and difficult editing program to use, our tool has an easy and complete interface, which allows reaching the expected quality with a more real and perfect shot. We do the hard work so that users can enjoy their selfie star.

You may play with the photo as you like. Adding glow effects, contrast, saturation, color, shape, orientation, text, design, stickers, frames, bleach teeth, memes and more. You can also share in all your social networks and all your friends.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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