MikroKopter Tablet Tool Latest Version APK for Android

MikroKopter Tablet Tool download
MikroKopter Tablet Tool download

The MikroKopter-Tablet-Tool is the Android Tablet tool for MikroKopter. MikroKopter Tablet Tool is offered by HiSystems GmbH. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.7

With the MikroKopter-Tablet-Tool (short MK-TT) you can set waypoints and POIs (point of interest) on a map and transfer them to the MikroKopter.
The UAV will fly to these points and can shoot phots or record videos. Also the position of the UAV and the telemetry data is shown on the map.
In addition, the actual position and direction of the MikroKopter can be stored – that is useful if you want go fly to this particular position later.

In order to use this program, an Android tablet with an Android version V3.0, at least 7″ display and Bluetooth is required.
For the communication to the MikroKopter you would need a ‘RangeExtender’. The Tablet communicates via Bluetooth to the RangeExtender that has a long range wireless telemetry link to the copter.

Latest Updates

Fix a bug when saving the new WayPoint types


MikroKopter Tablet Tool APK

Download MikroKopter Tablet Tool

Download MikroKopter Tablet Tool APK

MikroKopter Tablet Tool for Android

Download MikroKopter Tablet Tool for Android

Download MikroKopter Tablet Tool APK for Android

MikroKopter Tablet Tool 1.1.7 screenshot

MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 0MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 1MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 2MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 3MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 4MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 5MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 6MikroKopter Tablet Tool screenshot 7

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