Animation Camera Animated GIF – Create animated GIF with your pictures from your camera and gallery!

Animation Camera Animated GIF

Create animated GIF with your pictures from your camera and gallery!

Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 0Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 1Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 2Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 3Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 4Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 5Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 6Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 7Animation Camera Animated GIF screenshot 8

Animation Camera – GIF Mob – Animated GIF Camera lets you create wonderful gif animation with your picture whatever it took from camera or selected from gallery.

▪ Easy user interface
▪ Create Gif animation with unlimited number of pictures
▪ Make animated gif with camera
▪ Create animated gif with gallery
▪ Make GIF animation with camera as well as gallery at the same time
▪ Camera superposition mode
▪ Portrait and Landscape orientation supported
▪ Change the speed of your GIF with live preview
▪ Previous work will be automatically saved

▪ Camera button: run built-in camera to take pictures
▪ Gallery button: run gallery to select a picture
▪ -1 button: remove a picture added previously
▪ X button: remove all picture showing in the main view
▪ Save button: save Gif animation in GIF file format
▪ Slide bar: adjust speed of animation
▪ Arrow buttons: play direction
▪ Double sided arrow: loop animation

Here are some sample gif I made

▪ Google+ and Hangout support GIF animation files with no size limitation
▪ You can upload Animation Camera – GIF Mob made animted GIFs to GifBoom
▪ Tumblr restricts the size of animated gif at most 1024Kb
▪ You cannot send animated gif via KakaoTalk

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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