PictureJam Collage Maker Plus Latest Version APK for Android

PictureJam Collage Maker Plus apk
PictureJam Collage Maker Plus apk

Photo collage maker with a ton of cool grids and colorful frames to choose from. PictureJam Collage Maker Plus is offered by PictureJam apps. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version: 1.4.1d

Pic collage is a cool way to make beautiful images for Instagram. Download the new PictureJam Collage Editor and get ready for some serious photo sharing! This is the collage maker app you need to create amazing photo collages in no time – thanks to the intuitive interface and streamlined design.

Combine up to 25 individual pictures into a collage, change background color, add rounded corners and blurred edges to give your photographs a beautiful and professional look! Plus, PictureJam Collage Maker works smoothly with large high-quality images and delivers amazing results.

Your collages will have pristine clarity every time. How? Because PictureJam preserves the optimum quality of the original image. No other collage maker can compress HD images this well.

❤ Create Your Way
☆ Choose from a variety of grids and styles
☆ Compose photo collages using up to 25 pictures
☆ Use in-frame shot to take photos from your camera right into collage
☆ Use the smart positioning tool to highlight the best parts of each image
☆ Adjust photo frame thickness and blur
☆ Edit frame corners to make them round or sharp
☆ Easily filter grids by number of pictures

❤ Convey Emotions
☆ Add images in crystal clear HD
☆ Give photo collages a special touch with themed frames
☆ Apply cool themes: autumn, winter, flowers, and more
☆ Customize collage background colors and textures
☆ Tweak collage brightness, saturation, tone
☆ Create dreamy effect by blurring photo frames
☆ NEW grids are uploaded automatically without the need to update the app

❤ Share Anywhere
☆ Easily publish your picture collage on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, …
☆ Export designs to other social networks and apps
☆ Send photo collages via email and SMS

☆ You get to enjoy all of these cool features with NO ADS!
☆ More templates and styles are accessible in offline mode

With PictureJam collage editor, you can make beautiful photo collages in three easy steps:
1. Pick a grid or themed frame from the wide selection of presets. Navigate your options easily by the number of photos.
2. Add pictures by touching the picture icons. Move, rotate and resize added photos.
3. Edit the template: adjust frame thickness, change background colors, add rounded edges, blur borders.

And that’s it! You’re ready for instant photo sharing. Just go to Export and open your collage in Instagram or other social networking app!

Try our brand-new collage editor today and become a social network star with beautiful images that really let you shine through!


App Info
Interface Languages: English, German, French, Russian
Supported OS: Android 4.0 or later

Latest Updates

– Fixing the issue with collage export and saving on devices that do not have Pictures folder

– Adding shutter button at the bottom of the screen in in-frame camera mode

– Interface and usability improvements in main layout and collage selection page

– Removing visual artifacts on photo borders

– Fixing freezing issue after template loading on some devices

– Offline collage packs updates

– Minor bug fixes


PictureJam Collage Maker Plus 2017

PictureJam Collage Maker Plus for Android

Download PictureJam Collage Maker Plus for Android

Download PictureJam Collage Maker Plus APK for Android

PictureJam Collage Maker Plus 1.4.1d screenshot

PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 0PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 1PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 2PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 3PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 4PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 5PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 6PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 7PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 8PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 9PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 10PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 11PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 12PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 13PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 14PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 15PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 16PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 17PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 18PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 19PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 20PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 21PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 22PictureJam Collage Maker Plus screenshot 23

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/bH7nyt

Android Photography Apps download https://goo.gl/ki7hQH


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