PictureJam Collage Maker Free Latest Version APK for Android

download PictureJam Collage Maker Free apk
download PictureJam Collage Maker Free apk

Free collage editor for Instagram – create bright, colorful photo collages!. PictureJam Collage Maker Free is offered by PictureJam apps. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version: 1.4.1d

PictureJam is a powerful tool for creating graphically rich photo collages from your images with few standard gestures.

❔Ready for some serious photo sharing❓

Get PictureJam Collage Maker for FREE and start creating beautiful photo collages for Instagram. Choose grid styles, add colorful or textured backgrounds, apply brightness and saturation effects, tweak collage tone, play with in-frame embedded camera, edit frames, and enjoy HD image quality with as many as 25 PHOTOS in the collage. Download PictureJam collage editor and prepare for intensive photo sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp or in any other social network or messaging app you use.

👉 Being professionally engineered, PictureJam allows you to put up to 25 individual pictures into one HD collage without any loss in resolution. You can now create pristine clear HD collages every time, even if you need to zoom and crop heavily your photos. No slowdowns or freezes guaranteed. Try it out: no other collage editor can process high quality images so well.

You can compose photo collages from any images stored on your device: works of art, your own photos, funny pictures — anything that grabs your imagination! Use in-frame camera to take selfies right into your collages — this is our special feature you find nowhere else. Pick different grids and styled templates from our designers, edit frame color and textures, thickness, blurring, corner rounding, tweak collage brightness, saturation, tone, edit the position and angle of each picture with precision.

🌟 Be creative and share your emotions. 🌟
Express yourself and show your individuality with photo collages! Try PictureJam Collage Maker now and you will see: PictureJam is an ultimate tool for your photo arsenal.

❤ Create The Way You Like It
☆ Choose templates from variety of grids and styles
☆ Compose pic collages from up to 25 pictures
☆ Use in-frame shots to take photos from your device camera right into collage
☆ Align, scale, rotate, crop pictures right in the grid with few simple gestures
☆ Adjust collage tone, brightness, saturation
☆ Edit corners to give them rounded or sharp look, adjust frame thickness and blurring
☆ Customize background with colors and expressive textures
☆ Use the smart positioning tool in a dedicated layout to highlight the best part of each inserted photo

❤ Make Your Collages Shine
☆ HD quality photos, even if you zoom
☆ Give collages a special touch with themed frames: Flowers, Autumn, Winter, Romantic or Artistic frames, and more
☆ NEW grids are uploaded automatically without the need to update the app, and totally FREE
☆ Easily filter grids and collage templates by number of pictures

❤ Share Your Creations Everywhere
☆ Easily publish your pic collage on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, …
☆ Export your designs to other social networks and installed messengers
☆ Send photo collages via email and SMS

☆ It is absolutely FREE to use!
☆ No superposed watermarks in your created collages, they are fully personalized

The PictureJam collage editor lets you create beautiful pic collages in just 3 steps.
1. Choose the desired template from the collection of simple geometrical grids or styled frames.
2. Insert photos by touching the picture icons. Move, rotate, resize, crop added photos individually.
3. Edit the template (middle button on the top): adjust frame style, thickness, blurring, change background colors, edit saturation & tone.

Your new photo collage is ready! Start photo sharing right away by hitting export, then open your collage in Instagram or other social networking app or messenger! You can go back and continue editing and change the style of your photo collage.

Download our brand-new collage maker today and start sharing on social networks with images that are new to you!


App Info
Interface Languages: English, German, French, Russian
Supported OS: Android 4.0 or later

What’s New

– Fixing the issue with collage export and saving on devices that do not have Pictures folder

– Adding shutter button at the bottom of the screen in in-frame camera mode

– Interface and usability improvements in main layout and collage selection page

– Removing visual artifacts on photo borders

– Fixing freezing issue after template loading on some devices

– Offline collage packs updates

– Minor bug fixes


PictureJam Collage Maker Free 2017

Download PictureJam Collage Maker Free for Android

Download PictureJam Collage Maker Free APK for Android

PictureJam Collage Maker Free 1.4.1d screenshot

PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 0PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 1PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 2PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 3PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 4PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 5PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 6PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 7PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 8PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 9PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 10PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 11PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 12PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 13PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 14PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 15PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 16PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 17PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 18PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 19PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 20PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 21PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 22PictureJam Collage Maker Free screenshot 23

See detail information: https://goo.gl/bGerwo

Android Photography Apps download https://goo.gl/ki7hQH


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