Bikini Girl Photo – This is very attractive Bikini photo shoot app. it has many sexy feature.

Bikini Girl Photo

This is very attractive Bikini photo shoot app. it has many sexy feature.

Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 0Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 1Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 2Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 3Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 4Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 5Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 6Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 7Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 8Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 9Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 10Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 11Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 12Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 13Bikini Girl Photo screenshot 14

This is most popular and required app among sexy women’s. You can import images from two source. One from gallery and second one from camera.
just open the app and choose one of the image source. If you select image successfully then it will take you to edit screen in which you can adjust your picture by dragging and two finger gesture for zooming and rotating.
you can also erase unused part by switching mode from zoom to erase by given button at left bottom corner and also can increase and decrease erase brush size.
User can select different Bikini photo at run time from top horizontal scrollbar of Bikini Girls list and can also change background color from top of Bikini list horizontal scroll bar.


1. User can erase unused part of selected image.
2. User can increase and decrease erase brush size.
3. User can adjust selected image by zoom in , zoom out, rotate and drag.
4. User can select Bikini at runtime in a single screen multiple time.
5. User can select background color any time by tapping top scrollbar of color list.
6. It has two mode of touch screen. 1.Zoom Mode, 2. Erase Mode.
7. It has save method at same place with user provided name. Name will be provided at shown dialog . Dialog will be shown when user click over save icon.
8. It has in build photo viewer in which user can view single and multiple photo . It has many feature like zoom, rotate,drag to see from different location and angle.
9. User can share their creation into social media like facebook, whatsapp etc. And also can be mailed from any of the email provider app.
10. user can delete their creation from in built photo viewer by tapping over delete icon at left bottom corner of single photo viewer screen.

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