Blur Bokeh Background – Blur photo editor + Blur image + Blur background + Blur effect + Bokeh effects

Blur Bokeh Background

Blur photo editor + Blur image + Blur background + Blur effect + Bokeh effects

Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 0Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 1Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 2Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 3Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 4Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 5Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 6Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 7Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 8Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 9Blur Bokeh Background screenshot 10

Thinking of giving your photo a blur effect? Do you want to add a blur background to an image and apply some mesmerising bokeh effects? Then blur bokeh background is the ultimate blur photo editor to do so.

Blur bokeh background is used to blur an image and apply some amazing bokeh effects to it. This image blur app can also be used to reset the blur effect completely.

Using this image blur app, the picture to be blurred can be selected from the phone’s gallery or take a picture using the camera option.

Make the most use of the bokeh effects option of this blur photo editor to give your pics an appealing look. Use this photo blur app in order to blur unwanted part of a picture.

Upon giving the blur effect and the bokeh effect, the blurred image can be shared through social media platforms.

Key features blur bokeh background

1.Image selection
Choose the photo to be blurred from the gallery or take a snap using the camera option.

2. Zoom in and Zoom out
Use this option to precisely view the picture to be blurred and apply a blur effect with a blur background.

3. Picture Blur intensity adjustment
The image blur intensity can be adjusted based on the size of the blur effect, you want to give to blur the picture.

4. Brush Size adjustment
The brush size can be adjusted for pic blurring and for adding a blur background.

5. Undo and reset option
The applied blur effect can be erased with this blur photo editor. Use the reset option to completely reset the blurred pic.

6 .Attractive UI
This blur photo editor app, used to add a blurred background to your photo, comes with an attractive GUI.

7. Bokeh effects
Use the bokeh effects option to choose from a variety of amazing bokeh effects.

7. Save and share
Save the blurred pic to the phone’s gallery using this blur photo editor. Share the blurred picture through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many such platforms.

Blur bokeh background is one of the best photo editing apps for pic blurring. Download this top pic editor, for free, and blur pics by adding a blur background and a bokeh effect.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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