AndCamera/Photo Editor – Camera & Image/Photo Editor for professional photographers

AndCamera/Photo Editor

Camera & Image/Photo Editor for professional photographers

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– Buttons easier than sliding when your hands are on the table: Photo viewer has previous/next buttons. Simply tap the buttons to change photos. There is also a ‘Delete’ button, which just needs tap&confirm to delete.
– Double-tap to zoom in to the max and the panning window is opened automatically. When you switch to previous/next photos, the photos maintain the same zoom and position. With this, it’s easier to compare the details of continuous-shot photos.
– Use date & time as files names to store files(IMG_20150430_16111039.jpg). This avoids file name conflicting and is easier to identify.
– image drawing/illustration tools: cropping, drawing text, line(with or without arrows), mosaic/ground glass to mask out faces, EXIF date stamp, ovals and rectangles. Object based: removable, movable and resizable. image flip/rotate/sharpening, transparency(alpha channel). Adding grid lines.
– Reshaping a portion of image. You can use it to shrink (chin/waist)/enlarge/remove something. For eye/mouth enlargement, ‘image stamp’ is better.
– Text background in in photo editor support oval/round rectangle(with/without speech bubble). Multi-line Text with shadow
– photo editor supports non-rectangular(polygon) region image processing: (sharpening/color adj/spray/pencil sketch/grey level/pointillism/oil painting/colorfulness(saturation)), shapes, extract image/remove background & save as png). Region blur&color adjustment, for skin beautifying(smooth wrinkle/eye bag)
– photo editor supports region copy/resize (e.g. enlarge eyes, face/head swapping) with polygon image stamp
– photo editor supports saving context for resuming editing, undo/redo.
– photo editor support ‘outside poly adj’. 1. Select the region with an editable polygon. 2. Click ‘Outside poly adj’ to select the image effect(e.g. grey or blur) outside the the region.
– The polygon selection of photo editor supports holes. The hole can be used in polygons(polygon selection + Rectangle), filters, image stamp copy and partial image saving.
– Creating/editing posts and banners that include photos and text.
– Text/polygon/oval with gradient
– Support printing.
– Fast selecting photos by date. The last photo of the date is showed to help seeking.
– file name editing, which can be displayed on the jpg viewer and used as a comment. The file name doesn’t affects the order of display in the ‘gallery’.
– Easy to select the size of focus window, so it is less-likely to have poor focus or light-metering when the target is small.
– Easy to select EV (Exposure value).
– jpg/video files folder/classification
– Long click screen to open the Fast Zoom Seekbar, much easier than two-finger zoom
– face detection (if your camera supports)
– Time-lapse video recording
– Video recording settings: video format (3gp/mp4), video frame rate, video bit rate, audio bit rate, microphone on/off
– While video-recording, you can tap LCD to fix the focus and position. Thus it doesn’t have the problem of ‘continuous blur and clearness’ of ‘Continuous Video Focusing’. There is a button to switch back to ‘Continuous Video Focusing’. (Note: It may not work on some phones with Qualcomm solutions.)
– Support writing to external SD on Android 5
– video player supports capture/grab a video frame and save it as a .jpg. Support playing speed on Android 6

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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