DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 – ✦ DSLR Camera is the best application to take amazing pictures βœ¦

DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟

✦ DSLR Camera is the best application to take amazing pictures ✦

DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 0DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 1DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 2DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 3DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 4DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 5DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 6DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 7DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 8DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 9DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 10DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 11DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 12DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 13DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 14DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 15DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 16DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 17DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 18DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 19DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 20DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟 screenshot 21

βœ” DSLR Camera is a powerful app and very easy to use with very high quality design. share your creation with friends and family to social media!

βœ” DSLR Camera was created for people who want to take blurred selfies! It’s free.

🌟🌟 Are you ready to make magic ? 🌟🌟

βœ” DSLR Camera Pro is a professional camera app designed to mimic a DSLR as good as possible. It’s ergonomic, powerfull & easy to use – most settings can be reached in just one tap.

βœ” It is very powerful and easy to use with high quality DSLR HD design.

βœ” Aplication with semi DSLR ability function, feel your android looks like DSLR captures.

βœ” makes your moment more amazing. Share your capture to social media.

βœ” DSLR Camera HD Pro makes your moment more amazing. Share your capture to social media. with your family and friends.

βœ” Ultra DSLR Camera HD, resulting in sharper and clearer pictures.

βœ” DSLR Camera-Blur Background.

βœ” MUST-HAVE for those who like to take selfies!

🌟🌟 Top DSLR Camera HD Pro Features 🌟🌟

✦ manual iso.
✦ manual exposure.
✦ Apperture Option.
✦ Exposure compensation and ISO.
✦ Burst mode DSLR interval.
✦ Video recording with perfect audio output (4K HD recording quality is supported)
✦ Burst mode interval.
✦ Zoom in / Zoom out with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
✦ Face detection.
✦ color DSLR effects.
✦ With DSLR Camera, take photos with voice command.
✦ volume keys as DSLR shutter buttons.
✦ front-facing camera support.
✦ flash mode – auto, on, off, torch DSLR.
✦ light metering mode – matrix, center-weighted, spot
✦ autofocus DSLR mode – single, continuous, face-detection etc.
✦ Auto Lighting Optimizer.
✦ Focus setting.
✦ Control the Contrast, Blur, Brightness. Etc…
✦ Many other features are available in DSLR Camera HD, let’s you discover it!

🌟🌟 How to use DSLR Camera HD Pro 🌟🌟

βœ” Take a new photo, or select one from your gallery
βœ” Using the advanced photo editing tools such as undo, redo, brush size and blurring more photos accurately with DSLR Camera HD Pro.

Enjoy and have fun!

β˜› Install DSLR Camera HD Pro now! It’s free!
β˜› If you like DSLR Camera HD Pro for Android, give us 5 ✦ Stars.
β˜› You’ll never regret downloading DSLR Camera, Enjoy it.

Thank You ……

See detail information: https://goo.gl/fy0FNK


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