QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo Latest Version APK for Android

download QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo apk
download QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo apk

QReduce: Photo Manager Reduce, Resize, Zip, Share & Backup Photos Securely. QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo is offered by Mobso Apps. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 1.62

Operates in two modes: Single & Batch.

Single Mode:

Reduce photo size in KB & MB (Kilobyte & Megabyte).

Compress, Resize photo to any quality and size.

Batch Mode:

Create and share Zip file of reduced photos.

Resize, Compress multiple photos at a time.

Reduce multiple photos in KB & MB.

Secure Backup:

Auto backup photos as secure zip files locally and to google drive.


Keeps gallery photos size under control.

1. Alerts you when a photo is found in gallery that exceeds a file size limit.

2. Automatically scans and reduces photos found in gallery to a lower size.

* Alerts will occur only once in two days, so it will not consume much battery power.

* Photo aspect ratio, file name is maintained.

* Input Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP. (All photos taken using camera are JPEG. So no worries.)

* Output Format: JPEG, PNG. (See App Settings)

** If application crashes or get stuck while resizing, then deselect this option in settings – “Handle large images without sampling” **

Note: The app developer is not affiliated or associated to Instagram , Facebook , Google+, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social medias.

(*Photo size is reduced by reducing photo quality*)

What’s New

Supported languages : English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French , Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Arabic.


QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo 2017

Download QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo APK

QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo for Android

Download QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo for Android

Download QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo APK for Android

QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo 1.62 screenshot

QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 0QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 1QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 2QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 3QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 4QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 5QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 6QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 7QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 8QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 9QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 10QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 11QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 12QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 13QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 14QReduce: Resize,Compress Photo screenshot 15

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