Picture Paste – Edit your photos/images and paste(merge) them together.Supports multiple layers.

Picture Paste

Edit your photos/images and paste(merge) them together.Supports multiple layers.

Picture Paste screenshot 0Picture Paste screenshot 1Picture Paste screenshot 2Picture Paste screenshot 3Picture Paste screenshot 4Picture Paste screenshot 5Picture Paste screenshot 6Picture Paste screenshot 7Picture Paste screenshot 8Picture Paste screenshot 9Picture Paste screenshot 10Picture Paste screenshot 11Picture Paste screenshot 12Picture Paste screenshot 13Picture Paste screenshot 14Picture Paste screenshot 15

Imagine this: You’ve just finished painting the walls in you living room. You’re standing in front of the freshly painted wall, proud of your achievement. But something is missing? Perhaps a painting? Or maybe a small table with a flower vase? Now comes the really hard part of your work, picking something to fill the empty space. But not just anything. Something that would go nicely with your newly painted wall…
It’s time to introduce Picture Paste into this storyline.

Picture Paste is an image editing app for splicing (merging) two or more images into one.
The idea behind this app is to capture an image of an object (foreground) and paste it onto a background image or photo (the freshly painted wall in your little story from before) to create a new image. With Picture Paste you can capture an image with your built in camera, edit it using the many tools and effects available and paste it onto another image from your devices Gallery app.
Picture Paste has an layer system to manipulate and merge up to four foreground images.
The app implements image manipulation tools such as: rotate, tilt, scale, crop, etc. witch can be used to fine-correct any foreground image. The final merged image can be previewed before saving or sharing it using the sharing apps available on the users device.

As of version 1.2.8, Picture Paste has also a ‘Chroma key’** feature for keying out green backgrounds and surfaces of images for some incredible effects.

Picture Paste requires three permissions:
The permission to use the devices camera – for taking foreground images;
The permission to write on the device’s external storage (memory card);
The permission to access the network state – for the help YouTube video tutorials and crash reporting.
The permission to read contacts (required for the ‘Share app’ feature)

*Note this is an memory taxing app. using multiple large images could cause the app to crash.
**The Chroma key effect is best utilized on images that have objects distinctly separated from an uniform green background.

New updates and features are coming soon.

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Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OZRbYr


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