Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ – Nostalgic travel and drinking photos together to arrive!Favorite pictures can be immediately to the album.


Nostalgic travel and drinking photos together to arrive!Favorite pictures can be immediately to the album.

Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ screenshot 0Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ screenshot 1Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ screenshot 2Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ screenshot 3Yahoo!かんたん写真整理〜ヤフーの無料アルバム作成アプリ screenshot 4

==== Yahoo! Easy photo organizing features ====

■ nostalgic photos and reunion
It will be announced to create a summary of the memories in the automatic in-take leave.
· Favorite Summary you want to keep is possible to easily create albums.
– Nostalgic photo to the top screen is a slide show.

■ Auto organized the shooting date order the photos of smartphone and cloud
Simply select the Poti Poti.
If stomping a step, you can organize anyone easy photos and videos to the album.

■ direct from the home screen to the album
• You can set up a shortcut icon to the album.
Home screen you can access your favorite album in one tap from.

■ photos taken yesterday is organized into one of today
– It will deliver together a photo taken yesterday.
– Received photos, immediately LINE, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Instagram, share to, such as Google Photos, album creation, together you can, such as Delete.

■ backed up immediately or can be seen
· Yahoo! photos you’ve stored in the cloud in a simple backup you can see at a glance.

★ ☆ ★ upload capacity 100MB gift campaign! ★ ☆ ★
When you log in to download the Yahoo! easy photo organizing, and 100MB gift the capacity of Yahoo! Box.
A lot to upload the images, photos and videos, please help us to photos organized!
※ Please log in the latest version.
※ gift, only once for one of Yahoo! JAPAN ID.
※ is already login customers, after once log out, please log in again.

===== Recommended for people ====

– The have to take leave photos, organize a troublesome person
– “That photograph, where did we do?” And I think that a lot of people
– Or collage with stamp and its own take, have a lot of photos or processed in the clean filter the landscape, its own take in the transformation camera apps like the vogue recently SNOW (Snow) and egg (egg) Man
– Likes to travel, people who often take the trip photo
And children and families, people who take a lot of pictures of friends
– Delicious food comes out when people end up with shooting
People who want to take the pictures go out, in a sunny day
· Yahoo! by using a simple backup person with a backup of photos
– Using the Yahoo! box people in charge of the photo

==== FAQ ====

· SD card photos of the operation can not
In the terminal of Android 4.4, you will not be able to write to the SD card area by the specifications of the Android OS.
In Android 5.0 or more terminals, but to write to the SD card area became possible again, it is the stage you are considering the current correspondence.
Both OS also, but photo browsing is possible, does not offer any features that write occurs (such as deleting or editing).
To apologize for the inconvenience, but I am sorry, thank you kindly you for your understanding as.
Because the view of the photo of the body (internal storage) are available without any problem, and I hope can use it to view the photos stored in the body.
After the app update, no longer see the photograph of the album and backup
Regarding some of the customers, photograph of the album and backup that you created has been confirmed is a problem that will disappear after the update of the app.
In the currently made a correction corresponding app, you have to be able to restore the album photos.
If the symptoms of the relevant appeared, tap the top screen of the gear icon> “Settings and other”> “Restoring the album,” Please try to restore.


This application is Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use, after confirming the guidelines, please use.
· Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use
· privacy policy
Software on the rules (guidelines)

– Photo: Afro

Download apk file for android:


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