Pictor Camera – Product Photo Latest Version APK for Android

Pictor Camera - Product Photo download
Pictor Camera – Product Photo download

Ecommerce Photography, White Background Photos, Professional Retouching Service. Pictor Camera – Product Photo is offered by Pictor Imaging. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.2

Pictor – Product Photography App used by online retailers Amazon Now, Flipkart & GS1.

Pictor is an intelligent product photography application which helps you click the correct product images for your online store and get them edited in real-time by our team of professional photo editors. We charge you based on the complexity of the article and you can pay-as-you-go.

Get white background images for your online listings without any photography equipment.

• Products on White Background
• 1500 x 1500 JPEG @ 72Dpi
• Images compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Flipkart & many others.
• Get the finished output within 24 hours

How Does the App Work?

The app takes product type as input & provides a set of pre-loaded image angles to follow, guiding the user to click a professional quality image by nudging about exposure, focus & resolution. Once clicked, the image is uploaded in the background to Pictor server, where the editing team works in real time to provide the edited image quickly.

How to get images retouched?

Each article has its own characteristics and complexities which can seen in their photographs. Once the images reach us we estimate the amount of retouching required and send you the price to retouch all the images of the product. On receiving the approval for the price from you, we begin its processing and send the final image within a day.

What kind of retouching can I expect?

There are two parts to editing each image. We cover the basics of retouching such as Color Correction, Noise Removal, Smoothing etc using algorithms. The advanced stages of retouching are done manually where we rectify the article if any part of the article is damaged, remove dust scratches, remove background, correct lighting issues.

When will you return with the final output?

Our effort always remains to deliver the image as soon as possible. However, we do take 48 hours to process and send the image back to you. In the meantime you can track the image in the app or the website and find out the stage of processing.

Pictor selected as top 10 mobile startup in India ( Yourstory 2016)

Website : getpictor.com
How to Use : getpictor.com/app-resources/pictor-app-manual.pdf
Step By Step Guide : getpictor.com/app-resources/pictor-app-step-by-step-guide.pdf
Gallery : getpictor.com/gallery.html
Pricing : getpictor.com/pricing.html
Facebook : facebook.com/pictorimaging
Twitter Handle : @pictorapp

Latest Updates

Referral Code functionality added.

Minor Bug Fixes.


Pictor Camera – Product Photo 2017

Download Pictor Camera – Product Photo APK for Android

Pictor Camera – Product Photo 1.1.2 screenshot

Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 0Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 1Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 2Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 3Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 4Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 5Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 6Pictor Camera - Product Photo screenshot 7

Android Photography Apps download https://goo.gl/ki7hQH


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