Face Camera – Face Camera = Motion Stickers + Artistic filters + Face Swap. By C403 Studio

Face Camera

Face Camera = Motion Stickers + Artistic filters + Face Swap. By C403 Studio

Face Camera screenshot 0Face Camera screenshot 1Face Camera screenshot 2Face Camera screenshot 3Face Camera screenshot 4Face Camera screenshot 5Face Camera screenshot 6Face Camera screenshot 7Face Camera screenshot 8Face Camera screenshot 9Face Camera screenshot 10Face Camera screenshot 11Face Camera screenshot 12Face Camera screenshot 13Face Camera screenshot 14Face Camera screenshot 15Face Camera screenshot 16Face Camera screenshot 17

Christmas and Santa Claus are coming, we will show you the best Christmas stickers. Do you want to take most special Christmas Photos? Do you want to make your pictures cool and funny with amazing Christmas decoration stickers such as Christmas stockings, Christmas trees and so on? Do you want to win the title on Christmas social platforms such as facebook and snapchat? Please stay tuned!!!

Face Camera, the best face changer and photo editor for you. There are numerous of Faces, Masks, Motion Stickers in Face Camera with themes such as animal, cartoon, movie etc. Want to become a cute kitty or a funny clown? Use Face Camera to swap face with them and make different cute expressions. You can also record changing face videos and share them to your Moments. We bet you’ll enjoy a lot. Face Camera will bring you unique experience. A new round of expression packages counts on you!

** Swap face with different looks
** Lots of motion stickers
** Amazing artistic filters
** Delicate sticker sets
** Real time video recording and photo taking
** Sharing in one-tap

◆Face Camera——Face Swap
Face Swap in Face Camera gives you real-time face switch experience. Dozens of motion faces are ready, you can swap with them as you like. There must be one that will catch your fancy!

◆Face Camera Stickers——Sticker Sets
Sticker Sets Lab of Face Camera can meet the needs of different groups of people. No matter how old are you, and what your style is, you name it, we have it. We have an excellent designer team, they will surprise you every week. Please enjoy being surprised everyday~

◆Face Camera Art Filters——Artistic Filters
Dozens of amazing Art filters have been updated. Now you can easily turn your photos into artworks of Master Van Gogh and Picasso with AI(Artificial Intelligence)!

◆Face Camera Video——Swap Video
You can record videos wearing Motion Stickers. Share your unique videos to moments with your friends!

◆Video Filter
Various video filters give you photos and videos with different styles.

◆Swift Sharing
Your can share your photos and videos rapidly on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.

More interesting functions will be coming soon!
Contact Us:
Instagram: instagram.com/fotorus_official

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/Cbs5Nz


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