4D Collage Photo Frame – Amazing photo editor app 4d photo frame,Collage,Grid,Scrapbook,Sanp,Strikers pic

4D Collage Photo Frame

Amazing photo editor app 4d photo frame,Collage,Grid,Scrapbook,Sanp,Strikers pic

4D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 04D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 14D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 24D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 34D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 44D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 54D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 64D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 74D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 84D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 94D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 104D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 114D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 124D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 134D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 144D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 154D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 164D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 174D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 184D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 194D Collage Photo Frame screenshot 20

1. Collage Gird layout
app supports 60 collage layouts.

2.photo frame
variety type of 3D photo frame and 4d Photo frame, for creation of some Best photo collages.

3.Face photo montages
Swap two photo easily and turn yourself or your friend into pirate.

4.Photo filters:
your don’t need photo editor to add some style to your images with various photo filters such as Black,White, Neon, Glow, red,blue ,darkblue,orange ,Oil Painting and many more…

make best phtoto with full makeup kit a to z effect , filter , sticker ,texture

some app effect are look like paint and Cartoon filters

7.Selfie Camera
direct take photo from camera and edit with Snap Filters them best way.

Key features 4d photo frame collage
-Easy way for change border , backgrounds and patterns,colors.
-Simple touch rotate, resize, flip,Zoom ,Swap
-Hundreds of variety backgrounds and fun stickers
-add unlimited text and stickers!
-A full-featured photo editor included!
-Easy to use fluid design and user interface
-Cool photo effects & filters
-Share app pic on social network
-Save images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, Flexible control of JPEG quality.
-multipale collection of border Photo Lab Picture Editor

$$$ Sticker Fun $$
Apply hundreds of stickers and 15 Diffrent Catagories of Sticker like…

1).flower queen
2).funny Face
3)aminal sticker
4)love sticker
5)hair style sticker
6)flag Sticker
7)candy sticker
8)Glasses sticker
9)Beard Sticker

App Frame and our upcoming App desc..

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4D Collage photofram Support Language:Italian, Catalan, Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, Czech, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Bengali, Indonesian, Persian,Dutch, Finnish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese(Brazil), Vietnamese, Malay, Azerbaijani, Hindi

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/3mp5xm


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