3D Text On Photos – Add 3D text on photos with 3D Photo Editor.Have a fun with 3D Models & stickers

3D Text On Photos

Add 3D text on photos with 3D Photo Editor.Have a fun with 3D Models & stickers

3D Text On Photos screenshot 03D Text On Photos screenshot 13D Text On Photos screenshot 23D Text On Photos screenshot 33D Text On Photos screenshot 43D Text On Photos screenshot 53D Text On Photos screenshot 63D Text On Photos screenshot 73D Text On Photos screenshot 83D Text On Photos screenshot 93D Text On Photos screenshot 103D Text On Photos screenshot 113D Text On Photos screenshot 123D Text On Photos screenshot 133D Text On Photos screenshot 143D Text On Photos screenshot 153D Text On Photos screenshot 163D Text On Photos screenshot 173D Text On Photos screenshot 183D Text On Photos screenshot 19

A simple “3D Post Maker/ Photo Editor” application makes you easier in creating 3D customize post. If you are worry about your designing skills then it’s time to resolve this issue. This simple app helps you to build 3D and 2D post with the variety of design on text and images. The 3D shape of the font can be inflated or deflated, as you wish. You can easily type Urdu/Arabic/Percian/pashto/sindhi/English text, select your favorite image and use it as a background and can apply different features to make your post more stylish, then save the result as a new image in your photo library. You can also share your post on social media like (facebook, WhatsApp, viber , twitter etc).

3D Text on Photos Features:

• Add 3d text in Urdu, Arabic, Persian (Pashto, Sindhi, Farsi etc.) and English
• 50+ fonts
• 3D Text is enriched with features like edit text, move, rotate, align, line spacing, copy/past etc.
• 3D text special features like Depth, Bevel and Face.
• Many Textures (metal Texture, wood Texture, etc.,) and color can be applied on 3D Text. To make text more custom, apply texture and color on Text Depth, Bevel and Face.
• Text Position and Rotation is separately handled.
• Multi-3D-Text is now available only in 3D post maker.
• Realistic 3D environment. You can change it to Grassy Land Environment, Hilly area Environment, Night Environment, Garden Environment and many others.
• Change Sky with clouds skybox, Moon Skybox Sun Set and Sun rise skybox and many others.
• Move Sky or Skybox in 360 degree it results in changing the Light Direction on Text.
• Change Ground/floor with stylish lands and move horizontally and vertically.
• Adjust Light intensity on Environment and Text.
• Make Post size according to your requirement by changing aspect ratio.
• Camera Position is changeable. Move it near to ground or high on sky to view post with different angles. Similarly Rotate Camera to any angle.
• 3D stickers and 3D models can be placed (first time in android)
• Load your camera and gallery pictures in 3D Terrain
• Make your photos and selfies as a background to give them a 3d name

Now you can design your own photo on 3D Post Maker:
1- Quranic verses posts
2- Ahadith post
3- Poetry post
4- Funny post
5- Eid greeting cards
6- Signature maker
7- Wallpapers
8- Ads campaign and advertisement
9- Love letters
10- Invitation cards
11- Quotes of the day
12- Valentine Day Card
13- Edit the picture
14-Post Editing
15-3D Edit Photo
16-3D Pictures

Take the time to RATE and COMMENT after you install, your opinion will help us improve our work! And do not hesitate to contact us via deluxappstudio@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions you have

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/yjfwH9


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