Stream Photo Editor Latest Version APK for Android

Stream Photo Editor apk
Stream Photo Editor apk

Simple and powerful photo editor with the ability to stream processing. Stream Photo Editor is offered by Igor Vorogushin. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 0.3.1

The application is designed for photo editing with the main feature – group processing (automatic imposition of custom effects to all selected photos).

Functional applications:
1) A single photo processing
2) Group photo processing
3) The main ways to edit
– Crop
– Rotate
– Reflection
– Exposure
– White Balance
– Contrast
– Sharpness
– noise
– Vignette
– Different color filters (templates)
– Text
and others
4) Saving
(You can adjust the picture quality, resolution, fixed size, specify the save path)

If you have any suggestions, ideas for improving the app, please let us know! Thank you!

What’s New

Design optimization


Stream Photo Editor 2017

Stream Photo Editor APK

Download Stream Photo Editor

Download Stream Photo Editor APK

Stream Photo Editor for Android

Download Stream Photo Editor for Android

Download Stream Photo Editor APK for Android

Stream Photo Editor 0.3.1 screenshot

Stream Photo Editor screenshot 0Stream Photo Editor screenshot 1Stream Photo Editor screenshot 2Stream Photo Editor screenshot 3Stream Photo Editor screenshot 4Stream Photo Editor screenshot 5Stream Photo Editor screenshot 6Stream Photo Editor screenshot 7Stream Photo Editor screenshot 8Stream Photo Editor screenshot 9Stream Photo Editor screenshot 10Stream Photo Editor screenshot 11

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