Photo Map Latest Version APK for Android

download Photo Map apk
download Photo Map apk

No Ads. Map, organize and share trips and photos with geotags on a photomap. Photo Map is offered by Placicon, Inc.. Last Updated: November 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.057

Main features:

– View your geotagged photos on map
– Organize your trips into albums
– Get your own auto generated web site for each album
– Share albums with friends and family
– Add captions to your photos
– Quickly navigate to location of any photo from your gallery
– Slideshow with map-travel animation to see where you’ve been
– Supports both map and earth/satellite modes
– Absolutely free, no ads, no spam

Want to recall your recent trips? Check where you’ve been? Polo Photomaps is your friend! It is very easy to use, with beautiful and intuitive interface.

Polo Photos arranges your photos on a map, using their location data (geotag). The photos are clustered according to locations where they were taken, and can be easily browsed and previewed.

Note: In order to use this app, your photos need to have GeoTags (location data). If no photos show up on the map, geotagging may be disabled on your device. You may ask Google how to enable GeoTagging for your future photo shots (usually via camera settings on your device).

We hope you enjoy exploring your world!

What’s New

Version 1.057 – Create a personal website with your trips/photos on Google map


Photo Map 2017

Download Photo Map

Download Photo Map APK

Photo Map for Android

Download Photo Map for Android

Download Photo Map APK for Android

Photo Map 1.057 screenshot

Photo Map screenshot 0Photo Map screenshot 1Photo Map screenshot 2Photo Map screenshot 3Photo Map screenshot 4Photo Map screenshot 5Photo Map screenshot 6Photo Map screenshot 7Photo Map screenshot 8Photo Map screenshot 9Photo Map screenshot 10Photo Map screenshot 11Photo Map screenshot 12Photo Map screenshot 13Photo Map screenshot 14Photo Map screenshot 15Photo Map screenshot 16Photo Map screenshot 17

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