Model Release X – Model release app for photographers

Model Release X

Model release app for photographers

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Model Release X is a professional model release application that eliminates carrying printed model releases. Easy intuitive design to quickly fill out the form and take pictures of ID. The app saves all information as a PDF file and archives it on your device.

• Import Google Contacts from phone/tablet to automatically fill out form. No need to create a separate database.
• Save models new information to your Google Contacts from the same form the model fills out.
• Take picture of model’s identification. Image will be printed on the PDF document with the rest of the model’s information.
• Input adult legal age. In some countries or even in some states the legal age can range from 15 years old up to 21 years old. Default is 18 years old.
• If model is a minor when selecting date of birth*, the signature page will switch to parent or guardian. Model release PDF will indicate minor.
• You can include witness signature.
• Adds check marks after each item in the list that has been finished for visual progress. Works best on phones.
• Share PDF file after generating form. Email, Drive, Dropbox, etc.
• Add company logo to top of model release.
• Add your own custom text file with basic HTML attributes or use the one provided and modify.
• Help section to understand each section of model release including settings.
• All signatures including the photographer’s are saved in a system folder not accessible at all so your signature is safe. Once done all signatures except for the photographer’s are deleted so not to take up resources. When uninstalling this app your signature is also deleted.
• Save and open Shoot Information and Model’s Information to access at a later time.
• Button to open list of PDF’s created from this app and to open when file is clicked. A default PDF reader will need to be installed on your device to view the PDF files.
• Included are property and photo release PDF creation.
• All release forms are as is. Use the forms as a template for writing your own releases. Please consult with legal counsel.

*When selecting date of birth, you can click the current year at the very top of the date picker to scroll through the years. Some people whom have contacted me have been scrolling back using months which can be tedious. That’s over 200+ swipes/clicks if going back 18 years 😉

NOTE: Try before you buy. Demo mode prints a VOID watermark across the PDF document. Purchasing the Premium version using in-app purchasing will remove the VOID watermark. As I am not able to test every device out there, try the demo first. If the PDF is saved correctly with no layout issues then you can make an in-app purchase to remove the VOID watermark.

If the app crashes and you send in the bug report it doesn’t give me a way to contact you. Please add your email to the bug report just in case I need to contact you.

This app has been tested on Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9.
Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S6+, Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
Nextbook Ares 8

• Contacts- used to fill out model’s information on the model release.
• Storage- saves the PDF in the phones main storage. Saves the custom model release form for you to modify using a 3rd party text editor. Use Custom logo from your gallery. Save and open model’s information and shoot information.
• Camera- take picture of model’s ID.

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