fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver Latest Version APK for Android

download fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver apk
download fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver apk

Photo knudsen photo book, photo calendar and photo. fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver is offered by Albumprinter. Last Updated: November 21, 2016. Current Version: 3.5.3

With fotoknudsenappen is fun, fast and easy to create photo books and calendars and induce reductions in a snap.
• Upload photos from your memory bank, mobile, Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox
• Order personalized calendars, photo books and induce reductions
• Use of self-report to finish your project on 1-2-3!

With the Calls app can nåfremkalle images without going onto our website. Besides, you can book square feet Calls (13×13 cm) and regular induce reductions (10x13cm) that comes with the classic polaoridkanten.

In addition, now also Memory Bank available in the app! Memory Bank ubregrenset of storage, is completely free and group your photos by date, events and location.

For photobooks:
• choose between hard and soft cover
• select from the many layouts and combine them to create a collage

For calendars:
• Create both square and present year calendar
• Select the starting month and select between 7 languages
• you will enjoy all the options you get when choosing calendar layout

Photo developer units:
• You can order both square and regular photo developer units
• select induce reductions in Polaroid-style for a picture with classic Polaroid border.

For each project:
• move, crop and rotate photo counterclockwise
• Create your own projects while app stores them automatically
• You can continue anytime and anywhere

Capture the moment. Share something special. Download the app now.

What’s New

Vi har lagt til en snarvei til fotoproduktene som ikke er tilgjengelige i appen ennå. Pluss:

• Vi har et spennende juletilbud til deg, som du finner i appen!

• Du kan skrive test på forsiden av kalenderen også

• Du kan lett legge til flere sider hvor som helst i fotoboken ved å trykke på (+)-tegnet mellom en dobbelside.

• Det er mye lettere å se produktet på forhånd.

3.5.3: Feilrettinger og forbedringer


fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver 2017

fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver 3.5.3 screenshot

fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver screenshot 0fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver screenshot 1fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver screenshot 2fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver screenshot 3fotoknudsen: fotobok fotogaver screenshot 4

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