Peephole motion detector Latest Version APK for Android

Peephole motion detector apk
Peephole motion detector apk

Camera app with motion detector and robust e-mail engine. Peephole motion detector is offered by Six Carrots Software. Last Updated: November 20, 2016. Current Version: 2.35

This tiny application allows you to turn your outdated smartphone into a fully-featured surveillance camera with motion detector in a matter of minutes.

What it is?
It is a camera application with motion sensor. It monitors surroundings and uses built-in motion detector to check if anything moves on the picture. Once motion is detected, the app takes a burst of still captures, neatly packs them in one message which is then sent to a pre-configured email address. Pictures in full resolution are kept on the device too, so they can be later analyzed in details.

What it is for?
It was intended to be used as peephole or door camera. Mount your old disused (or brand sparkling new) phone on top of existing peephole in your entrance door (a couple of sticky velcro strips work the best. These are sold separately), connect the charger and that’s pretty much it. Now you will always be the first to know if there is any suspicious activity at your door, no matter where you are as long as you are able to receive e-mails.
It will also fit for any other security camera application, where you’d like to be informed if there is a motion where it should not be. And can even be used as baby monitor!

What it isn’t?
It’s not a webcam. It does not record video, too. It also won’t make you a coffee, unless you own an e-mail controlled coffee machine, of course.

Key features:
• It is a camera with built-in motion detector
• Ideal as peephole camera. No extra hardware or modification to your door required. Works with regular peephole!
• Uses full resolution of device’s camera
• Allows you to use camera’s zoom. This is critical for peephole applicaiton. Full version also remembers zoom setting!
• Motion detector triggers burst still images’ capture
• Notfication is instantly sent once detection is triggered
• Pictures are continously captured until motion stops
• Shortly after motion stops, a summary is sent.
• Smart e-mail and image processing engine. Images are downscaled and sent in batches.
• Images in original resolution are kept on the device
• Does not spam you with 1000s of e-mails causing e-mail servers to block your account.
• Does not ask you for your gmail login password
• Works on old mobiles (tested on Huawei Sonic)
• No ads. None. Nada. We hate them too.
• Free version is fully functional, but configuration options are limited
• Motion detector parameters are configurable (full version only)
• Premium version offers loads of customization options
• Has an experimental option to ignore “large motion” events, where camera itself moves or light is switched on or off.
• When used as peephole camera, phone provides instant protection from peephole reversers!
• Has an experimental option to run when device’s display is switched off (not just dimmed!)
• Features a detection area editor which allows you to limit detection to a smaller area of the visible frame

Give it a try!
Setting it up only takes a few minutes. Use sticky velcro strips, car dash mount or even double-sided sticky tape to secure your phone, connect the charger, enter your e-mail address and you are ready to go!

Latest Updates

Added an option to delete old files when running low on space

Added watchdog

Various fixes


Peephole motion detector 2017

Download Peephole motion detector for Android

Download Peephole motion detector APK for Android

Peephole motion detector 2.35 screenshot

Peephole motion detector screenshot 0Peephole motion detector screenshot 1Peephole motion detector screenshot 2Peephole motion detector screenshot 3Peephole motion detector screenshot 4Peephole motion detector screenshot 5Peephole motion detector screenshot 6Peephole motion detector screenshot 7

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