BODY & FACE TUNE – Body & Face Tune – tune your face & body to look beautiful, slim and skinny.


Body & Face Tune – tune your face & body to look beautiful, slim and skinny.

BODY & FACE TUNE screenshot 0BODY & FACE TUNE screenshot 1BODY & FACE TUNE screenshot 2BODY & FACE TUNE screenshot 3BODY & FACE TUNE screenshot 4

Body & Face Tune – tune your face & body with one tap. It will help you to enhance your photo to look beautiful, slim, skinny, fit & taller on your beauty photo. Body & Face Tune is an advanced booth for your portrait, selfie, facie and belfie. It includes unique editing tools for tuning your face & body. You will have natural-looking and amazing results.

Main Features:

– Slimming: The very first slimming function that naturally slims your body. Still looks natural by slimming your body and face separately. You can slim just you even in a group photo!

– Height Adjustment: Extend your legs similar to runway models. Height stretching which keeps body proportions. Put 3 lines over your shoulders, hips and ankles and height stretching is secretly done! The 2-line mode will only stretch where you want!

– Head resizing: It is very useful for face reduction. Scale your head size as you want, also stretch your neck size too. Manually choose the area of your face for natural resizing instead of inaccurate auto face recognition. You can use this function to adjust your breasts. With Body & Face Tune you will have glamorous breasts. it is extraordinary function especially for women.

– Filter effect: enhance your photo with more than 100 handcrafted filter effects.

Body & Face Tune is a selfie and facie editor to look amazing and beautiful. As a skinny app, Body & Face Tune photoshops photos to look slim, fit and perfect. Have perfect curves with one tap. Post beautiful photos on social networks. Look like a barbie on Instagram. Impress your friends. Boost your confidence.

See detail information and download apk file:


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