Photomontage – Photomontage editor. Love,jokes and collage, your fantasy in your photomontages.


Photomontage editor. Love,jokes and collage, your fantasy in your photomontages.

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Now with MaskApp the Photomontage editor and Photo Collage, you can unleash your imagination and create simple and fun photomontages to entertain your friends.
Your photomontages and photo collage will be enriched with stickers and themed images for all tastes.
You can create photo montages and photo collage to send greeting cards or postcards of love to your dear friends. You can combine your photos and create photo surreal.

You can add text in different fonts and color. Size, overlay, rotate move and zoom, change alpha, change color, filp image, watermark Effect and more,

create your photomontage and photo collage masterpiece and send funny photo with your social network.

With MaskApp Photomontage editor and photo collage, you can create:
– Photo art fun;
– Business cards;
– Greeting cards for any party (birthdays, weddings, births, christmas)
– Collage photo to merge your memories;

MaskApp photomontage works in two modes:
– Wizard mode for creating simple photo montages;
– Advanced mode to create beautiful masterpieces beyond the limits of imagination;

What are you waiting for? Download free now MaskApp Photomontage editor.

The entire library of images and stickers are online, so your app will not occupy a lot of memory, but you can freely choose what is necessary for your Photomontage editor and photo collage

Tutorial Maskapp:

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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