Pic My Way Latest Version APK for Android

download Pic My Way apk
download Pic My Way apk

Location based gallery for jpg/jpeg images,different viewing modes, exif editor. Pic My Way is offered by BulkApps. Last Updated: July 31, 2016. Current Version: Updating…

Pic My Way” is a location based gallery for for jpg/jpeg images, helping you to arrange and view your photos easily. Save of all your traveling photos and edit the location they were taken at, enter a title to a photo or add a description so you can later view your travels and remember where you went and what you did there.
Just like a real photo album, you can view you pictures and flip them over to view the information about them, which you can write your own!

Take photos or add them manually

You can take photos right through our app, and it will open your device’s camera with all of it’s features. Did you take photos with a camera and still want to view them on your phone? No problem! just click the “Add Photo” button and add them manually.

Edit your picture’s details

You can always add or edit the information of each photo by flipping the picture to it’s back side, and adding a title, location it was taken, time it was taken, and even add a description to it.

View your pictures and albums

Open the gallery or the albums to view all of your photos. You can choose between a list view, grid view or even display your pictures alongside a map!
You can see your traveling route by each picture you have taken.
In map view in the gallery, click each photo to center the map to the mark that represents this photo.

Select and zone an area on the map

Open the Map view from the main screen, and choose “View Map”. Define your wanted radius and long-press the center of the area you want to select. Click on “Zone Gallery” to display the photos that appear in the area you have chosen.

Filter photos by date

Open the Date Filter window, and choose your desired starting and ending dates.
Check the “Apply Filter” box, to view (in your gallery, map and albums) only the photos that are in this range.


Feel free to share your photos and various applications such as: Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Google Drive and many more!
Keep in mind that not all apps will save the details of your photos.

Latest Updates


Settings- option to add and set a user defined gallery path (for example the camera folder).


Pic My Way 2017

Pic My Way for Android

Download Pic My Way for Android

Download Pic My Way APK for Android

Pic My Way Updating… screenshot

Pic My Way screenshot 0Pic My Way screenshot 1Pic My Way screenshot 2Pic My Way screenshot 3Pic My Way screenshot 4Pic My Way screenshot 5Pic My Way screenshot 6Pic My Way screenshot 7Pic My Way screenshot 8Pic My Way screenshot 9

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