Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) Latest Version APK for Android

download Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) apk
download Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) apk

supported EnglishPREMIUM (sound edition). Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) is offered by PLUM. Last Updated: September 05, 2012. Current Version: 1.6

** If you’re buying this application, you don’t have to waste time in baby photo management.**

First camera app that supports automatic folder creation.

Finally! You can take a baby’growth photo album in the smartphone.

Did you not arrange your baby photos?

Do you waste of time having to arrange many baby photos?

-> If you use the Baby Story Camera, does not need to organize a separate folder.

50 days, 100 days, 200 days, birthday anniversary, even in the folder will be stored separately.

Calculated from the date of birth, of the baby photos file name will be entered into the ‘d+day’.

and so you can easily see your baby’s photo album.


======== Features: =========

1. Automatic folder feature (Baby Names / anniversaries)
: Select one of the added folders. And after taking the picture, then it is saved in the selected folder.

2. D-Day of the selected folder is displayed.

3. Smart file name.
: Photo file name is saved as a ‘D+Day_Date of photo shoot’,
Therefore it helps when you move pictures to computer and, view picture.

4. voice rec & play (only premium ver.)
if you try to baby likes sound recording/ playback, your baby will focus on the camera.
In addition, You can treasure pretty picture of baby.

5. 3 animal sounds (only premium ver.)
baby favorite was attached the animal sounds.
so, newborn also focus on the camera.

*Can be used as baby toys.

Latest Updates

ver 1.2

-support custom keypad

ver 1.3

-changed to ImageFont


Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) 2017

Download Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P)

Download Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) APK

Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) for Android

Download Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) for Android

Download Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) APK for Android

Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) 1.6 screenshot

Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 0Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 1Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 2Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 3Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 4Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 5Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 6Child's Auto-Folder Camera (P) screenshot 7

Child’s Auto-Folder Camera (P) apk video

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Talking Cameras for Children Latest Version APK for Android

Talking Cameras for Children apk
Talking Cameras for Children apk

newborn baby ~ toddler. Talking Cameras for Children is offered by PLUM. Last Updated: September 05, 2012. Current Version: 1.4

Baby-camera was made just for baby picture !!!!!
(newborn baby ~ toddler)
– When you wanna treasure pretty picture of your baby.

– When your baby doesn’t focus on the camera.

@@@@ New concept dedicated camera for baby! @@@@

======== Features: =========

## Can take picture, during the sound.

*. 3 animal sounds

*. baby rattle sounds

*. voice rec & play

## Supports a maximum resolution of the current smartphones can be taken

What’s New

Requires android 2.2 and up


Talking Cameras for Children 2017

Download Talking Cameras for Children for Android

Download Talking Cameras for Children APK for Android

Talking Cameras for Children 1.4 screenshot

Talking Cameras for Children screenshot 0Talking Cameras for Children screenshot 1Talking Cameras for Children screenshot 2Talking Cameras for Children screenshot 3

Talking Cameras for Children apk video

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KODAK Pic Flick – Print and share pictures with a touch.

KODAK Pic Flick

Print and share pictures with a touch.

KODAK Pic Flick screenshot 0KODAK Pic Flick screenshot 1KODAK Pic Flick screenshot 2KODAK Pic Flick screenshot 3KODAK Pic Flick screenshot 4

Easily print pictures on a wireless KODAK All in One Printer*, or send pictures to a KODAK Digital Picture Frame**.

Note: If you want to print documents, try the KODAK Document Print App in the Android Market.

Key Features

1. Select, view, zoom, rotate and crop your photos
2. Print any size from 4″ x 6″ to 8.5″ x11″
3. Automatically finds and remembers KODAK printers on Local Area Networks
4. Send pictures wirelessly to your KODAK All in One Printer or KODAK Digital Picture Frame.

* The KODAK Pic Flick App is compatible with all network connected KODAK All-in-One Printers except ESP7, ESP9 and KODAK VERITE models

** The KODAK Pic Flick App is compatible with any KODAK PULSE or KODAK EASYSHARE W820 / W1020 Digital Picture Frames.

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

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Acacia – Film & Photography tools: DoF calculator, slate, Director's Viewfinder, shot log


Film & Photography tools: DoF calculator, slate, Director's Viewfinder, shot log

Acacia screenshot 0Acacia screenshot 1Acacia screenshot 2

A Camera Assistant’s tool for film-makers working in both film and DV, and still photographers.

Acacia provides a graphical Depth Of Field (DOF) calculator, equipment management, shot logging and a basic slate or clapper board. It now also contains a Director’s Viewfinder (useful to the camera operator and location scout). The DVF includes a compass and level overlay.

Acacia now requires permission to use your device’s camera. The camera is used for the Director’s Viewfinder. It currently does not actually take pictures, but will in a future release.

This is the full-functional free version. If you find it useful, consider buying me a beer.

Acacia is intended to be primarily of use to indie film crew – director, cinematographer, DOP, camera operator, and camera assistants (1st AC, 2nd AC). Its interactive DOF calculator may also be of interest to still photographers.

It is free to use, asks for minimal special permissions, and will never display annoying ads.

Acacia is continually evolving and is developed as I have time.

Please leave feedback with comments or suggestions. Bug reports are well-appreciated.

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